Toddlers - The REAL Essentials

We previously brought you an article on ‘Saving Money on Baby Essentials’ so we thought it would be helpful to follow on with essential items you will need if you’ve got a toddler. This may also come in handy if you want to buy your friends a gift if they’ve got toddlers!


Now that your child is no longer a newborn, it opens you up to a whole new range of clothing options. Toddlers don’t outgrow their clothes as fast as newborns so you can afford to spend a little bit more knowing you’ll get good use out of the items. Essential clothing items include leggings which are great for toddlers as they are easy to move around in, easy to wash, stretch and grow with your child’s growth and can be picked up cheaply in your local supermarkets or budget clothing stores. This is also the stage where you may think about buying shoes for your child. When they’re a baby it is likely you will have picked up some cheap pairs whilst they’re growing fast but once they hit the toddler stage their growth begins to slow down and they start walking. Now is a great time to invest in a fitted pair.

Sleep Essentials

Toddler SleeoMany sleep essentials can be carried over from the baby stage but there are a few things to think through when your baby becomes a toddler. You will need to consider upgrading your crib to a toddler bed and with that follows a regular pillow and blanket. You may also need to get bed bumpers if the bed isn’t against a wall to stop your child from rolling out. If your child currently has a dummy, you may contemplate taking this away and swapping it for a security blanket at this stage. It will give your child the same familiarity and comfort as the dummy once taken away. You may already have a baby monitor but toddlers are a lot more active and will possibly get in and out of bed. If that’s the case then it’s handy to get a video monitor so you can see exactly what they are up to. 


Toddlerhood is the stage where children require more stimulation and move onto new toys quickly. They are no longer satisfied playing with blocks and want something that they can really play with. Toddlers love imitating adults so some great toys that will enable them to do this is mini kitchens, shopping trollies, mini cars or you could even buy a toddler learning tablet so they think they’ve got an iPad. The most random things also tend to entertain toddlers, they could be happy playing with a balloon, a cardboard box or even a set of keys so no matter how much you spend on fancy toys it is best to gauge what your toddler is most entertained by in the first instance before spending lots of money.

Dinner Time

Dinner TimeThis is the stage where your toddler is likely to be coming off the bottle and onto cups. Sippy cups and transitional cups are great at this stage as it encourages the child to help themselves to a drink when they are thirsty. Toddlers often like to feed on their own so we suggest getting some children’s utensils to enable them to independently feed themselves and you can pick these sets up from pound shops. This of course can be messy so be prepared to continue to use bibs! Plastic plates are a great way to serve food and avoid breakages as the plate could end up being dropped or thrown!

Bath Time

Toddler BathNow your toddler is bigger they can bathe in a regular bath tub and play with toys more actively. You can get toddler specific bath toys from many children’s toy shops and toddlers love playing with ducks, little cups and anything plastic that they can move the water around in. Continue to use bath and body products suitable for sensitive baby skin at this stage. Another great bath time essential is a hooded towel. This type of towel is great to get your toddler from the bath straight to the changing table. It does a great job at keeping their head warm and also starts the drying process.

Days out

There are many things you need to consider when taking your toddler on a day out. If your child is not walking long distances then be sure to bring a light pushchair as your toddler will likely switch between walking and being pushed. Booster seats are great for taking to restaurants where there is no highchair available. Some booster seats even come with a detachable tray so can be great for days at the park when you want to sit down or when you need to eat on the go. 


Travelling with a toddler can be a nightmare but if you’re well prepared then it should be a smooth and simple process. Toddlers are at the stage where they can understand what is happening and will get bored very easily on long journeys. If your journey involves an aeroplane, be sure to bring plenty of distractions such as games, toys and snacks. If your toddler has a comfort blanket, pack this too and hopefully it will encourage them to sleep. Pack your changing bag lightly to allow for the extra items. A travel cot can be a great investment if the cot in your hotel room is old or in a different room to where you want it to be. Travel cots can be compacted quite small and are easy to carry and set up.


Toddler SnacksToddler snack preferences will change as they get older so it’s best to give lots of variety to see what your toddler likes best. Foods like carrot sticks and fruit are great for those toddlers on the go as they are easy to prepare and won’t make too much mess. A good high protein snack is little homemade trail mix bags containing raisins and mixed dried fruits.



What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope this list will help you prepare for your toddler! Do you have anything further to add? We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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