Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Toys

If you have children then I am sure you can relate to having a house full of toys, most of which don’t get played with often. Here are a few suggestions to help you with what you spend on toys.

Toy Swaps

A great way of getting new toys for your children is to swap with other parents! Such a simple idea, but very few people do it. Think of all the times you go to a friend’s home and your child is instantly captivated by the other child’s toys. Gather up any toys that your child has discarded or no longer plays with and swap with another family for toys that no longer appeal to their child. This is win-win, you get to clear out your clutter and give your child some toys that are “new” to them without spending a penny. 

Rent Toys

LegoDid you know you can actually rent toys instead of buying them? Renting toys for your children to play with for a few weeks may be the perfect solution to stop wasting money, especially around Christmas and Birthdays. A quick google search will bring up many places local to you that allow you to rent toys ranging from babies toys, foam equipment and larger outdoor toys. These are great for birthday parties and you can give the toys back when your children get bored of them. There is even a Lego rental service called welovebricks and for a monthly subscription you can receive lego sets through your door. Once your child has built the set, simply send it back and get another one! For around £85 a year this works out a lot cheaper than buying the sets and having your child build them, then discard them to the back of a cupboard.

Look for Toys With Adaptability

Lego BricksToys that can be used across multiple age groups are great as they will last a lot longer. Wooden blocks and lego are examples of toys that can be played with through the generations and they are sturdy and long lasting too. Unbranded toys like these can also be adapted into other games. Lego can be used to build castles for your children to play alongside with their action figures. There are so many different things to do with lego; your child can never get bored. The less gimmicky the toy is the more likely it is that it can be adapted to fit in with other toys. Board games can be played by children of all ages and also last well.

Pay a Little bit More

Cheap toys can be fun but more often than not they break or they don’t work how they are supposed to which can lead to buying even more. Not only is it a waste of money, it can also be a safety hazard which is not worth the risk to your children. It is more valuable to buy toys that cost a little bit more but are well made. Not only will the toys last longer, your money will be well spent and your children will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Consider reading online reviews for toys as it can be hard to determine the quality of a toy if you’ve only seen it in a box on the shelf. 

Feed the Imagination

Cycling HelmetA lot of toys may appear to be simple items but can really make a child’s imagination run wild. Plastic swords are a great example of this. Children love taking them to park, meeting up with friends and recreating adventures and battles. If you aren’t keen on your children playing with swords, consider other toys that encourage your children to run around and burn off that extra energy. Balls, bicycles, skipping ropes and scooters are all timeless classics that will provide your children with hours of energetic fun.


The Great Outdoors

Following on from the previous point, one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is completely free – the great outdoors! If you’re blessed with nice weather send your children into the garden or take them along to the local park. Watch your children as they create magical story-lines with their friends, picking up twigs, stones and whatever they can get their hands on to incorporate into their games and stories. The best thing is it won’t cost you a penny and as a bonus it gets them out of the house and helps to develop their social skills.

Buy Alternatives

TicketsHave you ever considered buying something other than toys for your child? There are many gifts and experiences that will engage your child for a lot longer than the latest toys. Invest in sports equipment that your child can use for years to come such as tennis rackets or a football. Why not sign your child up to sports classes or ballet? This will hold their attention and they can look forward to their weekly session. Tickets to the theatre or the circus can also be a great gift that will provide long lasting memories, the kind that will stay in their minds a lot longer than those forgettable toys will. 

Choose Second-hand Goods

Toys that are second hand are still “new” to your child. You can pick up toys from car boot sales, online auction sites and charity shops. Take advantage of swap and sell groups on social media to find great deals on used toys. A lot of the toys being sold will still be in great condition but will cost you a fraction of the recommended retail price.

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Arts and crafts suppliesYou can get great deals on drawing papers and crayons after the ‘back to school’ sales take place. Give your child some colouring supplies and paper and it will keep them busy for hours. Scrap paper can be picked up for a great price or you can give them old newspapers to paint and colour in. Don’t forget to search for homemade Playdough recipes! You can make a batch of Playdough using flour, salt, water and food colouring and is considerably cheaper than buying it. Large cardboard boxes are also a great distraction – have your child decorate it to look like a boat with their art supplies. They can have hours of fun decorating it and get to play with it after - let their imaginations run wild!


What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope these suggestions have helped you to consider how you spend money on children’s toys. Do you have any further tips to add? We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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