10 Tips for Saving Money with Tea Bags

Having a good cup of tea at least once a day is a pretty common occurrence. And while the hot, relaxing cup is wonderful by itself, it can cause quite a bit of waste. All those tea bags, after serving their main purpose, get thrown away without a second thought! However, for those who enjoy a good cup of tea, but also love a good bargain, there are several ways to use those tea bags and save money.

1. Freshen Breath

Tea Bags Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth. Thankfully, black and green teas have very powerful antibacterial attributes. So, these old tea bags can be re-seeped to create a tea that, while not good for drinking, is perfect for getting rid of bad breath. Once the re-brewed tea has cooled, it can be stored and used as a mouth wash.

2. Freshen Air

Just like tea can be used to freshen breath, it can also be used to freshen rooms and items. Dried tea bags act as air purifiers. They can be left hanging in the air or even in musty smelling shoes, bags, or cars. After a few days, the smell will be gone!

3. Refresh Skin

Green tea acts as an amazing cleaner for people who suffer from skin problems, such as acne. Instead of purchasing overpriced store bought cleansers, rub old bags or the contents of the bags over the face to wash it in the morning and evening. It will minimize oily skin and clean out dirt.

4. Soften Meat

This might sound a bit strange, but adding a few tea bags to your meat dishes while they marinate can change the taste in amazing ways! Apparently, the herbs in tea help make meat tender and will increase the flavors of the marinade.

5. Garden

Tea bags and their contents are great for gardening. You can compost the tea bags with your other compost materials and simply use them when everything has broken down. Or, you can seep the tea bags and water your plants with them. This will give the plants extra nutrients. Finally, you can place the tea bags around your garden to keep pests away.

6. Minimize Razor Burn

If you or a loved one suffers from red, itchy pumps after shaving, you can use cold tea bags to relieve the pain. Not only do tea bags minimize the amount of bleeding these little bumps cause, but the high levels of antioxidants will help soothe and heal the skin.

7. Minimize Eye Bags

Everyone will suffer from dark circles or puffiness around the eyes at some point in their life. No matter what the cause is for this, whether sleepiness or age, tea bags offer a great solution. Placing tea bags in iced water and then laying them on your eyes until they warm will leave your eyes feeling and looking great.

8. Sooth Sunburn

Black tea works wonders on sunburn. It works as an all-natural salve for sunburn. It’s very easy to use your old tea bags to give yourself sunburn relief. Just place the tea bags over your injured skin and allow the natural treatment to relieve you.

9. Relieve Sores

If you’ve ever suffered from mouth sores, you know that they can be annoying and painful. If you have canker sores, instead of using the chemical filled, painful drug store solutions, just use tea bags. Just place the tea bag in your mouth, over the wound or sore, and wait for a while. Not only will the tea bag relieve the pain, but it will also kill off the bacteria that causes the sores.

10. Clean the House

If you don’t want to spend extra on wipes, sponges, and sprays, try using your tea bags to clean your surfaces. Not only will they work great to wipe up little spills and stains, but they have properties that can kill germs. And all at no extra cost to you!

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigHave you got any 'top tips' on how you re-use your tea bags?  Or do you think you will be putting some of the above into action?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below.

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