How to Save BIG on Pet Supplies

Having a pet doesn’t need to cost the earth. The following tips will help your funds go further so you can provide the best care and life for your animal companions. You’ll save money on pet supplies, care and any associated pet costs.


Free Pet Cat When it comes to actually getting a pet you can save money by adopting rather than buying directly from a breeder. A lot of animal rescue centres will have a fixed cost for their animals regardless of the breed and will often come neutered and vaccinated saving you further costs. Your local vet may also know of places to adopt pets and it is also worth checking out your local small independent rescue centres as well as the well known ones such as the RSPCA

Use the Internet

If you are looking for great deals on pet supplies, don’t forget to shop online. Use search engines to find vouchers and discount codes. Subscribe to your favourite pet websites and you could receive discounts via email or in the post. Use cashback sites to get money back on all purchases and keep an eye out for any online sales and free shipping weekends to save leaving the house. 

Train Them Yourself

Training your pets can be very expensive if you decide to take them to specialised classes. Save big money by training them yourself. There are plenty of reference books available to borrow at the library, YouTube videos and online forums to help you with advice. You can also ask friends for tips if they have pets of their own. Having a well trained pet means they are easier to walk, they won’t chew your furniture and they are unlikely to run away and get injured leaving you with unwanted costs!

Avoid the Brands

Pet FoodUnbranded pet food is a lot cheaper than the leading brands. Unless your pet has certain medical conditions that mean they can only eat specific food, try them with lesser known brands. Supermarket branded cat biscuits cost £1.25 /kg, whereas leading brands in the same shop vary from £3-£5/kg. When looking at the ingredient list, there is virtually no difference.



Buy in Bulk

To save even more money on your pet supplies, buy in bulk. Pet food in larger quantities is significantly cheaper. In your local supermarket a small 340g box of cat biscuits works out at £2.94/kg however buy the exact same biscuits in the larger 2kg bag and pay just £2/kg. If you live near a wholesaler you can save even more by buying even larger amounts.  

Buy Second Hand

Don’t be afraid to buy your pet supplies second hand. Check out car boot sales for things like dog beds, animal cages and even toys. As long as the items appear clean and odourless there is no harm and most things can be disinfected or hoovered. Also look into online auction sites too for great deals.

Get it Free

You may be lucky enough to get some of your pet supplies for free. Join your local Freecycle page or check out Facebook groups for free items in your area. People often give away rabbit hutches and runs when they no longer have a pet because it saves them having to dismantle and get rid of them. Search online for free samples of your pet’s favourite food. More often than not you will be able to find something. If your local pet store sells loose pet food by the kilogram, ask for a small sample and staff members will often let you ‘try before you buy’.

Make Substitutions

Pet Food BowlsJust because something is labelled as being for a pet doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cheaper alternative. Ceramic pet food bowls can cost in excess of £3, but a normal bowl in the same shape made for human consumption can cost less, it may just have a different design on the front. Don’t spend money on pet gates, ask around if anyone has any baby gates they aren’t using - they do exactly the same job. Dog beds can be made from old pillows to save money too. Don’t spend excess money on dog bones and chews, pop into your local butcher and see if they have any extra bones. They will more than likely sell them to you at a great price, beating the price of your local pet shop.

Do it Yourself

There are many areas you can save money on when it comes to your pet. Professional grooming can be expensive and can easily be done at home with the right tools. Invest in some pet shampoo and a comb and you can save £100’s. Clip your pets claws yourself to save paying a vet to do it. You can also make your own cat litter using shredded paper to cut costs. Instead of buying pet treats, search online for recipes and make them yourself. You will get much more for your money.

Measure Their Food

A lot of us are using more food than necessary when feeding our pets and if the correct portions are given you will be surprised how much further a bag of pet food can go. Ask your vet or look online for a rough guide on how much a pet of your size should be eating and weight and measure accordingly.

Buy Quality

Leads and CollarsIf you buy good quality items then they will last longer and you won’t need to continue buying more. It is worth paying that little bit extra for good quality leads, collars and coats when your pet has grown to full size. As the saying goes, “buy cheap, buy twice”. 




Get pet Insurance

Pet bills can be extortionate even for a small visit or check-up. Having pet insurance will save you big money if the worst were to happen. It will cover the cost of emergency vet trips, operations or any ongoing treatment your pet needs.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope these tips will come in handy if you have a pet or are considering getting one. Pet owners, do you have any further cost-cutting tips to share?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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