Review - The Abode 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner From PriceTag

Product being reviewed: The Adobe 2in1 Steam Cleaner
Date of review: 01-05-2015
Reviewer: Jody Leggett

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Brief Company blurb:  “Price Tag offers Steam Cleaners from leading brands, with free next day delivery on all small appliances.”

Why I Needed To Review A Steam Cleaner

As a mum to a 20 month old daughter who spends most of her time playing on the floor and alongside a Golden Retriever with a love of mud, you can imagine my horror when the steam mop we had loved and valued for 3 years sadly decided it could no longer go on with the muddy paw prints and spilt milk. After many minutes of denial that this was really happening Mr Leggett unclasped my fingers from our steam mop and promptly marched it to the bin.contents of beauty box

So now was the time to trial and review a new steam cleaner - with PriceTag offering the first one with their Abode 2 in 1 Steam Mop & Handheld Cleaner (A21SM3001). 

Less that 24 hours later I was greeted by a beautifully wrapped large parcel. After a small dance on the spot I was quick to tear through the brown paper and outer packaging to reveal this beauty, all memories of the old steam mop are now distant in my memory!

On opening the box and getting everything out I was delighted to find a whole range of goodies in there.

After less than 3 minutes, a couple of clicks, viola a new steam mop was born into the Leggett house. Let's take a look at what we got and how it performed.


What I Received In The Box

The Steam Mop

Steam Mop
This was my main excitement, and my main need for this product. As my house is all hardfloors and no carpet, it really is an essential item. On slipped the cloth, water tank filled, using the handy measuring cup which was supplied, switch on and a few moments later the beast was ready! I started on the hallway, I was careful to do one half to see if I could see a difference. It was very light and easy to monouerver. I completed half and then switched it off. Once cooled I lifted the mop up to view the once white microfibre pad (2 included) had gone and some grey almost black cloth was there. WOW! Now I am a bit of a clean freak, of course I knew the floor would be dirty as the old mop had broken but this was unbelievable and the differnce on the floor was amazing! There aren't enough words to explain how excited I was, nor how great a job it did. I have used steam mops before but in my opinion this is by far the best result I have had to date. Having used the mop a lot now, it's continued to delight me on the results. The only thing I would say is that it is a continuos steam, which means that you do need to keep the water tank topped up if you are doing lots of floors or a large area.

The Steam Mop with carpet glider extension

Carpet glider
We don't have carpet so I sadly couldn't try this out. The instructions show how to attach and I did it in a matter of seconds. The carper glider simply sits on top of the mop!

No Photo - its just a white mat!

Heat Mat
This is a fantastic addition. It's a flexible mat that you can use to rest the steamer on when cooling down or not in use. It withstands high temperatures, and is resiliant to water, so it's a safe place to leave your mop to cool without risk of damage etc. I have never had a mop with one of these before, and didn't really think I would use it, but I do and more so than expected. I carry it round in my pocket and religiously rest the mop on it when I'm stop-starting. What a great accessory to have.

As this in a 2 in 1 steam cleaner, you have the ability to take the handheld part off the mop, a 2 sec click and move job, and you are left with a fabulous handheld cleaner which comes with it's own set of delights...

The Crevice Brush

Crevise Brush
This attachment, well it's like the big daddy of hardcore dirt removal. It's hard bristles are designed to get into the smallest and most difficult of crevices. The bristles are in little strips. You use it in an up and down motion to rub the dirt off once the steam has done its job. If I'm honest it took me some time to decide where I could use this attachment and finally settled on trying it out in the hallway where the walls met the floors in the corners. It was great for getting those little areas that may get a build up of dirt. It definately helped to loosen and remove those more stubborn build ups. I can't see me using this attachment that regularly, but it would definitely be great for spring cleans or anyone who cleans every cm of their house, I'm guilty of not!

The Jet Nozzle extension

Jet Nozzle Adaptor
This is by far my favourite attachment. Need a bit of steam power? This is perfect! Basically the nozzle directs the steam to give a powerful jet. Best place to test this....round my bathroom. I used this nozzle to get round the taps, the tiles and edge of the bath. Wow it certainly shifted any build up there, without having to reach for the toothbrush for a good manual scrub. Once I had finished, and my word it was fun, I just needed to rinse off the residue. Once I'd done the bathroom, I found myself desperate to try it somewhere else!

Round Brush Attachment

Round brush

This reminded me a little of a hoover attachment brush! The brush is designed to remove stubborn dirt. The brush is to scrub off dirt whilst the steam lifts the dirt. The good thing about this attachment you can use it, within reason, with as much or as little force as needed to move the dirt. I tried it out on several things from the floor to tiles and it did the job and well. I really liked the idea that you could use it with varied force and in lots of different areas.


Squeegee Cloth

This attachment looks after smooth surfaces so is perfect for cleaning windows, tiles, mirrors and anything smooth. My test area for this was our patio doors. My dog is clever enough to open, sadly not shut, these doors so there is always paw prints on them. It easily removed the dirt and mud and really made me realise I need to clean our exterior windows more! It did leave some streaky marks, but I think this is probably due to my technique, rather than the attachment. The attachment isn't huge so I'd say this is better for smaller areas rather than large windows. It's really handy just to have for those times when you fancy going that step further and steaming windows, mirrors etc. I really enjoyed using it and I am keen to work on my technique more.

Small Cloth Addition

Small cloth
I have to say I was shocked to find out this steam mop even came with an attachment for garments and upholstery.  You use this cloth to gently steam the item of choice. I tried a beige cushion for this. I liked the principle of having this, but it was hard to tell how much difference it made. It may have been my choice of test piece and it's colouring. I'd like to try it again and try it on some clothes, to get a greater idea of its potential, but in theory I really feel I could use this a lot!

The Concept

This steam cleaner has certainly tried and successfully achieved trying to cover as many possible needs for a steam cleaner. Whilst you can pick up a steam mop in a lot of shops, you won't find one like this in many. I was really suprised at the amount of kit you got for your money. I don't think there is anything missing with this 2 in 1 steam cleaner. They have a helpful trouble shooting guide and even a product care helpline which is open Monday to Saturday which is a nice touch.

The Overall BB4BM Verdict

 - 5/5 STARS - A THUMBS UP! -

A huge thumbs up from me. The steam mop itself was easy to assemble and brilliant to use. It was light weight, great to monouever and most importantly does a fanatsic job. I felt it did much better than my last one and felt much more powerful.

I felt like I got a real treat with this mop having a hand held steam cleaner too. Ordinarily if i had been out shopping for a mop, that's what I would have gone for. A mop on its own, but this model gives you the ability to clean a range of other things not just floors. It can clean your windows, steam your party dresses and to be honest I can't think of anything else they could add to this as they really have everything covered when it comes to anything you might like to steam clean.

Alternative Steam Cleaners

There are many brands and types of steam mops. From the basic stam mop to one with many, many attachments. Now I've realised there is steam mops with the ability to not be steam mops I am really keen to try out some more. Here's some suitable alternatives.

Total Home Master 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner

Zanussi ZAN150A 2 in 1 EasySteam Mop - 1200 W

Morphy Richards 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner - stick




Multifunctional with handheld and range of tools.

Basic Steam Mop and Handheld

A lightweight, manoeuvrable steam cleaner - ideal for     all floors and has a detachable handheld.

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