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Product being reviewed: The 'Monthly Beauty Box'
Date of review: 23-12-2016
Reviewer: Amanda Viner

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Brief Company blurb:  “ is one of the UK's most successful online retailers of premium hair and beauty products.”

My First Ever Beauty Box

So, I was asked to review my first ever ‘beauty box’ by Look Fantastic and to be honest I wasn't too sure what to expect from it, but all I can say is wow!

This month’s beauty box (March) is full of goodies and at £15 most would consider this a bargain due to the fact that it contains products worth over £70...

contents of beauty boxWhen the postman arrived with my parcel I was unexpectedly excited to see what my box would contain... My new treats were all wrapped up in a sophisticated looking black box that was sealed with tissue paper, so that in itself made it feel like something special - like a present… and who doesn’t love the surprise of opening a present! 

The first point is that although not all of the items were full size, the sample versions were all a good size and of good enough quality to be used in their own right.  I received a total of 6 products – with this apparently being the minimum quantity you will receive in each monthly box.

What I Received In The Box

nudestick eye pencil

Nudestick eye pencil - [Retails at £24]
I had never heard of the ‘nudestick’ before, but after having a little read up I realised that this had some amazing reviews and is one of the must haves for this season.  I also learnt that an eye stick could be used all over the eye lid as an eye shadow, or just as eyeliner.  It comes in some amazing colours and it’s the perfect size to just slip into your purse for a night out or a business meeting.  To be honest, this alone justifies the £15 cost of the box!

cowshed lip balm

Cowshed lippy Cow - [Retails at £5]
I love all cowshed products so I was really excited to see that this had been included in the box.  This natural lip balm is made from Linden Blossom essential oils, Yang Ylang and Rose Geranium. It settled perfectly on my lips and they continued to feel well moisturised - perfect for the cold weather.  The smell was a lovely fruity sweet scent!

fat girl slim crea,

Bliss Fat girl slim (60ml) - [Retails at £10.95]
Not personally loving the name as it doesn’t really make me want to go out and buy it, having recently had a baby I liked the idea of trying a new firming cream on my ‘problem areas’.  It claims to make your skin look and feel firmer and more toned, claiming “87% seeing a firming effect, 85% felt a slimming effect and 73% said they noticed a reduction in cellulite”.  Unfortunately I didn’t really notice a change in any of my problem areas after multiple applications.  It smelt both chemically and minty which was unexpected when other creams are usually fresh and fruity.  The cream is easy to apply and feels like a good moisturiser, but for me, it’s probably just something to put away for the holidays.

lil wet brush - miniature

Lil’ Wet Brush (miniature) - [Full size retails at £7.99]
I am a big fan of hair brushes and my tangle teezer has always been a firm favourite of mine – so was looking forward to giving the ‘lil wet brush’ a go.  I have very long, thick hair and after giving the brush a real good try, I decided that the full sized version is a must have! I found that it detangled my hair brilliantly and I didn’t feel it tear or pull my hair at all.  I was very surprised with how gentle the brush was – dare I say better than my tangle teezer!  Although I do want the full sized version, the smaller one I received is a perfect size for a handbag or gym bag.  I was a little disappointed with the colour as it’s a kind of transparent green, so not very girly, but at the end of the day who is going to see it?

Lord and Berry eye liner

Lord and Berry liner (travel size) - [Full size retails at £10]
Being a fan of liquid eye liners I can’t remember the last time I used an eye pencil, but I kept an open mind and gave this product a go.   I always look for an eye liner that is easy to apply, has great definition and stays put under pressure.  This eye liner did all of those things and thus I would definitely recommend it to others.  Although I only received the travel version which retails at £4.50, it’s still a good value and good quality product.

Nuxe Anti Age cream

Nuxe Paris (travel size) - [Full size retails at £47]
This anti-ageing treatment smells amazing and is apparently packed full of natural ingredients. You apply this cream at night and it’s meant to help smooth wrinkles, plump skin and brighten your complexion.  Although I did like how it made my skin feel, I'm not sure I could see much glow.  As I haven’t got many wrinkles it was also difficult to notice a difference there.  I did combine it with my normal moistening regime but felt that as this was only a sample I couldn’t really give this product a good go.  Hard to form a real opinion on this one and I am on the fence as to if I will buy the full sized version in future.

The Concept

I feel the overall concept of a 'beauty box' where a surprise parcel is received each month is a great idea - I just love the fact that you will receive something different in each one.  The feeling of getting a bargain set of products is appealing and as I have physically tried them, I must admit that I would now be willing to splurge out and buy some of the full sized versions.  With the option of the one-off boxes, it is a great idea to buy as a gift for someone else - although a little treat for yourself every month never hurts.

The Overall BB4BM Verdict

 - 5/5 STARS - A THUMBS UP! -

Lookfantastic provided a beauty box that contained a good selection of products with some that I would have never considered trying or buying otherwise. 

If all of the monthly boxes deliver products of the same good value and quality, for the ‘beauty lovers’ amongst you, their service is a must.  I really was surprised by how well it was presented and the well-known brands that were included for the £15 price tag.

It's great to see that the service from lookfantastic is unlike other ‘monthly services’ that tend to give you a great introductory offer (with the goal of then trying to sting you when you then forget to cancel on subsequent months) - as s there is no cancelation or subscription fee.  You just pay for the number of boxes that you want.  However, if you do decide you want to regularily receive a beauty box each month, there is a variety of options that give additional savings so worth considering;

  • For three boxes over three months its £40, thus you save £5
  • For six boxes over six months its £75, thus you save £15
  • For twelve boxes over a year its £135, that you save £45


Lookfantastic isn’t the only provider of the monthly beauty boxes – here are some alternatives that are available.  I am hoping that over the coming months I can get hold of a range of these boxes from other companies in order to give a more rounded, overall opinion - so remember to check back in a few months for an update!


Souk Souk

Love Lula



£10 Per Month

£12 Per Month

£12.50 Per Month

£10 Per Month

£6.95 Per Month

Apparently one of the original beauty box providers - you get 4 or 5 products each month.

5 products each month with a magazine included.  A focus on organic beauty from small, independent brands.

Focussed on those with sensitive skin, or those who are just interested in natural, chemical-free beauty.

No fixed number of products, but you get a guaranteed minimum box value of £33 each month

You select two products that you’d like from a shortlist and then you get a few added extras

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