Pre-Baby To Do List

Having a baby is an amazing and wonderful time for new parents. And a lot of times, parents are aware that there be will many changes to their lives and that they need to do a little bit of preparation. There are the usual things, like setting up the nursery or preparing a bag for the hospital. However, there are a few things most new parents don’t know or repeat parents forget they should prep for before baby comes.

Below is a list of a pre-baby to do list that covers everything, not just the bare essentials, to make sure the parents to-be are completely ready for their new addition.

1. Prepare Meals

Pre-Baby To Do List After getting back from the hospital, the last things parents want to think about is cooking and preparing meals. Everything is about resting and bonding with the new bundle of joy. Even if some parents are lucky enough to have family to help out, the noise, mess, and time it takes to prepare meals can be stressful to everyone. That’s why it pays to prepare and freeze some of your favorite foods or meals before the baby comes along.

2. Organize the House

New parents are going to be bringing in a lot of stuff when they bring home their baby. There will be bunches of new clothes, furniture, and other supplies that will be needed to be fitted into an already full house. So, it’s important for the new parents to declutter and reorganize their home before their family grows. Things can be thrown away, donated, or placed into storage so that the home is a blank slate, ready for baby.

3. Prepare the House

Preparing the house doesn’t just involve decluttering and getting organized, it involves getting your entire home ready. And the best way to do this is to really deep clean, so you don’t have to worry in the weeks, and sometimes months, that you won’t want to touch anything after the baby comes home. The easiest way to do this is to go room by room and clean everything, from the crown molding to the baseboards.

4. Pick out a Meal Plan

Part of recovering from having a baby is getting into healthy eating. This will be even more important in the months after the baby is home, since what mom eats is what baby eats. A meal plan will make sure that both mom and baby are getting the nutrients and vitamins they need for every meal. And, if the baby reacts poorly to certain foods, meal plans will make it easier to pinpoint the problem foods.

5. Look into Food Delivery

Not fast food. Some grocery stores will actually deliver food to homes for a small fee. For new parents, especially those following a meal plan, this is vital. Sometimes it’s hard for them to get out of the house for even the easiest tasks, so having the food they need for their meals delivered makes life so much easier. And, of course, much healthier.

6. Stock Up

As mentioned above, it can be hard for new parents to get out of the house for the first few weeks after the baby is born. So, it makes sense to fill up the house with things that the family knows it will need in the days they’ll be adjusting to having a new baby. Some of these things could include diapers, toilet paper, and paper towels. This will allow the family to settle into their new life without having to worry about running out to the store in the middle of the night for extra diapers.

7. Spend Some Quality Time

Even if the new baby isn’t the first, adding a new member to the family can strain even the strongest relationships. That’s why it’s important that in the months before the baby comes, that quality time is spent with everyone in the family. Couples should take time to go out and have fun together, without talking about the new baby. And parent-child time is just as important. The soon to be sibling should be reassured that he or she won’t be forgotten and this can be done through quality time, dates, and fun activities.

8. Spend Some Me Time

Me time for the mom to be, that is. The new moms’ life is about to change in a way no one who hasn’t been through it can describe. And some of those changes won’t make the new mom feel as beautiful and pampered as she usually does. So, before baby comes is the perfect time for the mom to be to spend a little time with herself. A massage, mani, pedi, or facial can do wonders and keep a woman feeling more self-assured after the baby is born.

9. Memorialize Your Journey

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but sometimes everyone is so focused on getting to the finish line, birth, that they forget to enjoy the journey. Most people will have at least one maternity photo shoot, but if it’s possible, videos and pictures should be taken of every step of the journey. Not only will this be very important to for the parents a few years down the road, but when the baby is older, he or she will love to see their growth when they were in their mom.

10. Go Shopping

Not grocery shopping or baby shopping, but shopping for the mom to be for after the baby is born. Maternity clothes will be comfy and probably preferable at first, but recovery takes a while and the new mom will need clothes for each part. A few comfortable clothes in varying sizes will make the new mom feel comfortable and more confident after giving birth.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope these tips will help you if you're soon to be having a baby. Do you have any other tips to add? We love feedback so please use the comment section below.

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