Products and Services You Should Never Pay Full Price For

There are certain things in life that you should never pay full price for. We’ve come up with a list of things that we think you should always save money on - with some examples of how to do it in a super savvy way!

Beauty treatmentsNails Loyalty Card

It is always worth scouring online for local deals on beauty treatments such as hair and nails. A lot of salons will also have introductory offers if you’re new to them so it’s worth giving them a call or checking their website for offers and deals. A lot of nail salons also have a loyalty card system where you can get your 5th or 10th manicure for free if you’ve collected enough stamps. If you are looking to regularly get your eyebrows shaped, Benefit offer a great loyalty card when you get a free wax on your birthday and treats every so often when you collect loyalty stamps.


Pile of booksBooks can be expensive and you should never have to pay full price for them. A library card is free and you can reserve the books for a small fee to ensure you get your hands on the ones you want to read. Not only can you read books from the library for free, you can buy them in charity shops for great prices. Books that usually cost £5.99 new can be found in charity shops for less than £1 so when you next walk past have a look and see if they have anything that takes your fancy. You’ll also be doing your bit for charity so it will make you feel great. If you choose to buy your books on Amazon, check the Amazon marketplace first and see if anyone is selling one cheaper. You can often pick up books that are like new for half the price because they are technically second hand. Car boots are a good place to pick up super cheap books too.

Clothes and shoesClothes pile

Following your favourite shops and brands on Facebook and twitter helps you keep up to date on the latest sales, voucher codes and other discounts. You may even find some bargains that have not been advertised elsewhere. It’s not always practical to buy clothes online but if you know your size in a certain shop then it can be great to order online and take advantage of free delivery and online discount codes. Shoes are great to buy online as most people have a steady shoe size and if you can save yourself money by heading straight to the sale page then head for that! You can also occasionally get clothes, shoes and accessories in Charity Shops that still have tags on so don’t rule those out if you’re looking for something new.


If you regularly buy a certain magazine it is a good idea to look into getting a magazine subscription. Yearly subscriptions are often cheaper than buying the magazine each week or month and if you’re buying every issue anyway you may as well subscribe. A lot of magazines will also offer a free gift when you subscribe so it’s worth looking out for those offers. By subscribing, you also get the magazine delivered to your house which in turn saves you the petrol money that you would have used driving to the shops so it’s win-win!

Weekly shop

Chilli PlantsThere are so many ways you can save money on your weekly shop that you should never have to pay full price for the whole thing! Batch cooking and planning your meals are great ways to cut down on your shop as is taking advantage of 3 for 2 offers. Take advantage of loyalty cards and store vouchers. Vouchers can be picked up in supermarket magazines so be sure to pick up free copies in store. Opt for supermarket branded items too, why pay 60p for a tin of chopped tomatoes when you can get the same thing in a cheaper range for half the price? Also grow your own groceries! You shouldn’t have to pay full price for your herbs if you’ve got your own growing in a small herb garden at home. Why not start with chillies, they’re really easy to grow and taste great fresh!

Car insurance

With all of the available comparison sites out there you should never have to pay full price for your car insurance. Even when your renewal documents come through, we guarantee if you go online and look for a better quote you will find one. A lot of people let their car insurance renew year on year without checking out the competition but you are usually always guaranteed to save money if you shop around.

Eating out
Food Voucher

Eating out is one of those things we would all love to do more often, it just costs so much money. There is often ways to save money when eating out; you just need to look out for them. Sign up to restaurant newsletters. This costs nothing and you will often get a welcome deal. Ed’s Diner offers a free burger for joining and will send you a free milkshake voucher on your birthday. Some restaurants do loyalty cards and will send you offers and deals in the post or by email. If you have access to a spree book, you can get some great savings on food and restaurants in there. We also recommend keeping an eye out for new restaurants opening as they usually will offer great discounts on opening nights or 2 for 1 deals whilst they are trying to get established. Be on the lookout for coupons in newspapers too as these could save you money on your food bill.

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What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe really hope these tips will help you save money on things that you may have not considered getting discounts on before. Will you be using some of these ideas yourself?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below.

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