The Best Mother's day Gifts on a Shoestring

Mother’s day gifts don’t have to drain your bank balance. When you become a mum you realise there are things in life that can mean more than material objects.  We’ve brought you some great mother’s day gifts on a shoestring for when you’re low on cash but want to show mum how much you care on mother’s day or any other day of the year too! Partners - take note if you’re helping the kids prepare a gift for their mother, you may be causing more hassle than good!


Eye Mask Picture this, you’re getting into a lovely deep sleep knowing you haven’t got to get up anytime soon then all of a sudden you are being awoken by the kids crying and footsteps running down the hallway as they cause allsorts of chaos. Let mum have a lie in and give her a chance to really snooze on mother’s day. She will thank you for it! How about also letting her have a nap during the day - completely undisturbed of course!

A Clean Environment

Mums always seem to be cleaning and tidying so one of the greatest gifts you can give her is a day off the housework! Offer to hoover, do the laundry or even cook dinner. Anything will be appreciated to help mum out and give her more time to herself and imagine the look on her face when she finally gets to see the bottom of the laundry basket?! It would be a great surprise for her to wake up on mother’s day to a lovely tidy house and a whole day off doing the chores!

Toilet Time

If your partner is a new mum then give her a day off nappies! It will be a welcomed gift! Parents to toddlers? Give mum a day off potty training, the last thing she needs on mother’s day is to be chasing the children around wondering whether or not they need toilet and trying to chase them round the house to get them on the potty.

Breakfast in bed

Mum ToastIf you’re going to make breakfast then do it right. No one wants sticky marmalade fingers all over the bed sheets and splashes of orange juice. Avoid the mess and effort of letting the kids serve up cold dry toast and buy pre-packed croissants, cereal bars and juice boxes. Mum will get her breakfast and appreciate the lack off destruction in the kitchen that she will undoubtedly have to clean up at the same time. An even better idea if your budget allows is to take mum out for breakfast and let someone else do the cooking, serving and the washing up afterwards. 


Peace and Quiet

Blissful silence can be a godsend when it comes to parenting, even if it is just for 5 minutes. Partners, take the kids out for the day or set them up with an activity outside. Let them watch their favourite film if it means keeping them quiet and out of mums hair. Silence is golden; promise the kids a treat if they can stay quiet for a set amount of time.

Hot Beverages

There’s nothing a mum would like more than to actually finish a hot drink before it goes cold without any interruptions whatsoever. Brew your mother a hot tea and leave them in peace until they have drank it. Partners - get small children out of the way and let mum have some alone time, even if it is just for 10 minutes whilst she drinks her tea. She probably can’t remember the last time she had one undisturbed. 

A Relaxing Bath

Bath CandlesYou don’t need to go all out and book an expensive spa day for mum to help her relax. You can recreate this relaxing atmosphere from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost. Buy a couple of bath bombs, oils and accessories. Run mum a nice hot bath and light a few candles. Let her fully relax and leave her in peace until she is ready to come out.

Sweet Treats

How often does mum actually get to eat some sweets or chocolate without having to share them with the children or hide away and eat it? Give mum her own set of sweet treats that she can have all to herself. Sharing is caring, but on mother’s day they should all be for mum!


CactiIf in doubt mums always love flowers. Instead of just picking whatever flowers are the cheapest, choose some that will mean something for mum. Find out what her favourite colour is and choose an arrangement based around that, or stick to buying her some of her favourites. If you want to buy mum something that lasts longer then choose a potted plants. Cacti are easy to look after even for those who have no experience in looking after plants. 




Homemade coupons cost nothing to make but can be a very thoughtful gift. Make mum some ‘vouchers’ for various things such as, one cup of tea, one massage, one tidy of the living room, one washing up session and one cooked dinner. Let her cash these in whenever she needs a bit of help. Just be prepared to take on the tasks when mum does decide to use them when she needs a hand!

Noisy Children

A day off tantrums would be a miracle and we can’t expect children to stop moaning just because it’s mother’s day. The best you can do for your partner is to block all tantrums, tears and dramas out. If the children start to play up then get them well out of mum’s way. As far as she needs to know they’ve been good as gold all day.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWhat ideas do you have for mother’s day gifts on a budget? Will you be putting some of these into action on mother’s day?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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