How to Make Money at a Car Boot

Making money at car boot sales can be tricky as everyone is there for one reason – to grab a bargain. After paying your entrance fee it can often be not even worth the effort. We’ve brought you some helpful tips that will ensure you will definitely be coming home with a profit!


Car Boot Before you make a decision on where you will be selling your goods, research the best car boot sale to go to. Why not try out a few different ones around the area to get a good idea on where is busier? Some locations may be more popular than others. Visiting as an observer allows you to scope out the venue and see which areas are raking in the sales! You will also be able to decide where the best place to set up is. The middle is usually the best as that is where people tend to mingle after visiting the stalls on the edge. You can also get an idea of how people are pricing up their items.

Research Prices Online

Despite the vast amount of online auction and selling sites, the traditional car boot sale is still a firm favourite for people trading their second hand goods. There are often small charges involved to attend a car boot sale as a seller but when you think about the fees that are charged online for selling items it’s actually not that bad. Check out eBay for a rough guide on how much things sell for and prepare to be flexible if you want to get a sale. If you’re selling an item that you know is worth quite a lot then it is worth sticking to your guns, you can always sell it online at another date.

Get There Early

Arriving early will enable you to get a good high-traffic spot in the grounds and gives you plenty of time to set up the presentation of your goods. If the weather is wet, look for dry areas.

Table Presentation

Pile of ToysWhen putting your goods out on the table, make sure you don’t overflow the area as this can look cluttered. Keep some things back in the car and when you’ve sold something fill in the gap with something else. Position your most eye-catching items at the front of your display. If you’re selling toys, put these low down where children can see them and they will be more likely to sell. Dress your display up a bit with a nice tablecloth and you will be more likely to attract the eye of passers by.


Hang up Clothes

The best way to display clothing items is to hang them up on a rail. They will be easier to rifle through and will look better. Consider bringing a mirror along with you so people can try things on if they wish. Hang your most striking clothes on the front of the rail to draw people in. Before selling your clothing items, thoroughly check any pockets in case you’ve left money or valuables in them. 

Consider Homemade Items

If you’re a crafty person then selling hand crafted and homemade goods can go down a storm. If you’re good at knitting, consider selling scarves, hats and gloves. You can also sell homemade cakes, cookies, sweets and jams which you will make your money back on the price of ingredients and much more. A batch of 12 cupcakes costs around £1.60 to make, sell these at 50p a cake and come home with a profit. The more you make, the more you can earn! If it’s your first car boot, perhaps only take a small batch to see how well they go down with the crowds and adjust your quantities next time. Homemade beauty products also sell well so why not try making your own soaps and body scrubs to maximise your profits.

Use Price Tags Strategically

Price TagsDecide on rough prices before you go and label the more expensive pieces. Knowing what prices you are going to sell things for gives the impression that you are a confident seller that knows the value of their goods. Some people will pay the price on the label with no questions asked. If you label the items slightly higher than what you would like to get, it won’t matter if people negotiate the prices down. Whilst using price tags can work in your favour, you should always be willing to haggle! It’s what car boot sales are all about!

Be Inviting

Don’t forget to smile. Talk to people approaching your display, play music or even offer hot drinks – anything to get people to come over to your table. They may come over just for a hot drink but end up seeing an item they want to take home. Be polite and upbeat with your customers. Be confident with your approach when talking about your items for sale. Be prepared to answer any questions the buyer may have, it will make the world of difference. Start conversations with people and make jokes. They are more likely to part with more cash if they find you approachable.

Bring Carrier Bags

Offering carrier bags for free can help people make a decision on how much they want to buy. They are more likely to buy more if they know they are going to be able to carry it around in a bag rather than bundling items into their arms.

The Final Clearance

Sale TagsTowards the end of the day if you want to go home with an empty boot let your customers know you want everything to be sold. Call out to the crowds that everything is now half price or reduced to clear or consider offering buy one get one free on items with the same price. Be prepared to let everything go, it will save you having to bring it home again. Only take items with you that you would be happy to see sell for next to nothing, otherwise you may end up bringing a lot of things home.



What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope these tips have helped. Do you have ay car boot tips to add? We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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