Ways to Decorate on a Budget - Our Tips and Tricks

Decorating can be expensive and often we will put off doing this knowing the costs. If you’ve just moved house that’s expensive enough and the decorating goes to the bottom of the pile. We’ve brought you some tips on cheaper ways to decorate and change up your decor, without breaking your budget.

Be Inventive

DIY Rugif you’re trying to save money then it pays to be inventive with your décor choices. Instead of spending excessive money on a new rug, try and get hold of a small carpet sample. Carpet stores often sell offcuts at greatly reduced prices. These offcuts can often be big enough to fill a whole room and can come in handy if you want to save a bit of money redecorating a smaller room. Hang patterned scarves, tapestries or fabric from wooden dowels onto large spaces on the wall for a unique piece of art that you can make from items you already have at home.

New Furniture

Decorating isn’t all about the walls, updating your furniture can give you the same satisfaction. Check out eBay or Freecycle for some furniture freebies and bargains. People often give away sofas, TV stands and shelving units for free if you are happy to go and pick them up. Check regularly as the good things tend to get snapped up the fastest. If you don’t want to replace your furniture, change it up by painting it, sanding it or staining it to give it a completely new look. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! If you’re after something more expensive, sign up to the stores mailing list to be informed of any sales that are taking place.

Update Accessories

If you don’t want to spend money on completely revamping a room then a cheaper option is to update your accessories. Change the colour scheme of a room by buying new curtains and cushions in a different colour to your current furnishings. This will help to make the room look new and fresh without having to re-buy every single item and repaint the walls. Also update your lampshades, curtain rods and photo frames. These simple changes will really make the room look updated. Instead of buying a new sofa you could get it reupholstered in a different fabric which will cost less and can give your tired sofas a new lease of life without breaking the bank. 


Decorating and refitting a bathroom can be very expensive. To instantly refresh the décor, replace the shower curtain and hooks to something more vibrant to revive even the dullest of bathrooms. Liven up your bathroom by adding a humidity-loving plant such as bamboo stalks. New towels can also give your bathroom a new lease of life and keep it feeling fresh and new.

Fresh Paint

Painting a WallInstead of painting a whole room, consider just painting one wall in order to create a feature wall and really change things up a bit. You only need to buy a small tin of paint which won’t cost a fortune. You could also paint the inside of bookshelves, windowsills, door trims or fireplaces in a contrasting colour to add small changes to the room. If you’re only painting small areas you can get away with buying a few cheap tester pots instead of spending a lot of money on a large tin. 


Make an Entrance

Jazz up the entrance to your home by painting your front door a bright and cheerful colour. Also buy new house numbers and upgrade your door handle to a shiny new one. To passers by, this will seem like a big noticeable change but you know it hasn’t cost much to do. It will also make you feel like you have a new door.

Move Furniture

A completely free way of changing up a room and feeling like you’ve decorated is to rearrange the furniture. Move around larger pieces and completely change the focal point for a fresh new look. If you can’t rearrange large furniture try moving around photos and ornaments instead. Put everything in a box and place the items in new places where they have the most impact. You can mix things around and see what works best.

Gallery Walls

PaintbrushesCreate a gallery wall full of family photos, quotes and other small photos. Use matching or contrasting frames and collage these on a large wall. Arrange the frames on the floor before you begin and see which layout looks best before you hang them on the wall. This striking way of displaying your photos will really add something unique to a room and you can change the photos in the frame as often as you like. Alternatively add some different shaped mirrors to the mix to visually enhance the size of the room.

Deep Clean

Having a deep clean can make your home feel fresh and new. Get rid of any sign of dust coating your appliances and furniture to breathe life back into the room. Wash your windows inside and out to allow the light to shine through and brighten the room. For a small change, repaint all of the white areas such as ceilings and skirting in your home. The white may have discoloured over the years and you will really appreciate how vibrant a fresh coat of white paint looks.

Kitchen Updates

To update your kitchen without having a whole refit try painting cupboards and changing the door knobs to create the illusion of a whole new kitchen. Retile the kitchen backsplashes; you should only need a few feet of tile so it won’t cost the earth. If you can’t afford to replace them, use ceramic paint to change the colour. You can also repaint any tiled areas for a fresh new look. Paint your dining furniture a different colour or add seat cushions to change the style without buying new items.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigDo you have any tips or tricks to slash down the prices of decorating? We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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