10 Classic Toys Designed to Last

Are you forever spending money on the latest toys and games to have them break within a couple of months? Gone are the days where toys were passed down generations, these days toys simply aren’t manufactured to last and it is a shame. Not only are classic toys fun to play with but they were built to last.

1. Playdough Playdough

A classic favourite, Playdough is modelling dough that has been used as a toy since the 1950’s. The non-toxic formula is great for kids of all ages – and adults too!  The great thing is that it’s so versatile and long lasting, if it starts to dry out simply add a few drops of oil to re-moisten it. Playdough also have a range of toys to go with the Playdough such as a fun factory. Kids can make all sorts of shapes using different moulds and can be entertained for ages. You can even make your own with flour, salt and water and have endless fun creating all sorts of models.


2. Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys are built to last especially if you get good quality ones. The range of toys is endless, you can pick up wooden building blocks for babies, and wooden food sets for smaller children, wooden train sets and wooden rocking horses. Not only do wooden toys really last, they can be educational too. Alphabet blocks are a great learning tool for small children as is the modern abacus for learning simple additions.


Lego blocks

3. Lego

Lego and Duplo are classic children's toys that will last a lifetime. Most people probably have Lego stashed away somewhere and for the younger children Duplo is a slightly larger version that will see them through the early years. Both Lego and Duplo are durable and made from a hard plastic substance which is difficult to break meaning they will both last you generations. There are so many extra packages and expansions which have really modernised Lego from Star Wars to Barbie, your children can never get bored of this retro favourite whether they’re a boy or a girl.


4. Play Farms

We’ve all had a play farm and they are great as they appeal to both boys and girls. Plastic toy animals are easy to come by and can be bought in most toy shops. They are sturdy and difficult to break so will endure having children play with them day in and day out.


5. Board Games Solitaire Game

Board games is a very wide term and can cover so many different types of toys and games. Solitaire is a very popular game and very well made to last. Other board games include Monopoly, Game of Life and even Dominoes. We’ve had our classic board games in the Bargain Buys for Busy Mum’s team for years and when re-packaged in the box correctly these will last you forever.


6. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are timeless and can last throughout your whole life. You may see it as an investment especially if you get your child lessons to go with them, but it is something that they can use and take into their adulthood. The instruments could even be passed down to the next generation


Pencils7. Colouring books/pencils

Colouring books have been around since the dawn of time and are great fun. Adult colouring books have started to be introduced so not only are they fun; they can be enjoyed by all ages. A good set of colouring pencils will last you a long time and are better than pens which run out. Pencils can also be used on plain paper to get the creativity flowing.



8. Outdoor toys

There are so many outdoor types of toys that are built to last and will save you money in the long run as you shouldn’t need to replace them. Bicycles will keep children busy for hours and if you get one where the seat height can be changed then you can easily adapt the size when your children grow. Other outdoor toys include swings, slides and sand pits. In the summer, your children will spend hours out in the garden so it’s a good idea to stock up with outdoor toys to stop them getting bored indoors. Balls can also be great to play with in the garden, just tell your children to keep them away from the windows! The retro red and yellow Little Tikes car’s are timeless and have been around years. They are made of strong plastic which can handle all weathers so can be left outside without fear that they will ruin.


9. Train SetsWooden Train Set

Train sets come in all shapes, styles and sizes. They start at a simple wooden train set which is fun and safe for smaller children then progress to the larger electronic sets when your child starts to get older. Train sets have been around ages and we can guarantee generations before you had their very own set. When looked after a wooden trainset will last forever and an electronic one will last long enough for it to be passed through the family for years to come.


10. Cars

Small toy cars are a classic toy much loved all children. Hot Wheels are a popular favourite amongst the younger generation and with all of the extra additions you can get to go with them, your children and their friends can never get bored.


What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope you now have some ideas for classic toys that will last generations and could see your child through to their adult life. Buy these, and you could save money. What are your favourite classic toys?

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