Cheapest Way to Get Married - The Venue

If you’re planning on getting married then one of the largest expenses on the day is likely to be the wedding venue. We have brought you some money saving advice to cut the expense of your venue and help you stick to a reasonable budget on your special day.

Day of the Week

Tuesday Wedding The most traditional day of the week to get married is a Saturday as it is the most convenient and what people are generally used to. Due to the fact this is the most desired day to get married it is also the most expensive. If you have a wedding venue in mind check out how much money you could save by getting married on a Friday or a Sunday. You could save up to 50% on venue costs because typically people don’t book weddings on those days and you’re likely to get a bargain. For the venue, they receive extra income so its win-win. Try to negotiate the best deal you can, they will welcome the extra business. 

All in one

Some locations will enable you to have your ceremony and reception all in the same building meaning you only have to pay one location fee. Not only will it save you money on the venue, you also won’t need to arrange transport getting you from one venue to another. Having a church wedding? Have no fear - some churches may also have halls that are available for hire for these occasions. Guests will love only having to attend one venue too!

Get Things Thrown in

If you want an all-in-one venue then try and opt for an all inclusive package where everything is included from the decorations to the food and even the cake. This could save you money as the venue can try and make deals with various services and in turn pass the savings on to you.

Don't go Traditional

Say YesVenues that don’t generally host weddings may be available for hire at a greatly reduced rate. Be creative with your venue choices and contact places that are not well-known for being wedding venues. Village halls and even large pubs or B&Bs that host parties may well be able to cater for a wedding party. Negotiate with them when querying their price and don’t mention the word ‘wedding’ until after you’ve received a quote. Some locations will double the price as soon as they hear the word ‘wedding’. It is worth considering these options if it will save you a lot of money.


Get Married out of Season

Most people choose to get married in the summer when the weather is nice and sunny and generally the prices of venues around this peak time will creep up. Consider getting married off-season in November or January to cut your costs. Some wedding venues even offer deals for ‘winter weddings’ when they don’t tend to get as many bookings. Booking your wedding around Christmas could also save money on decorations. Many venues will already be decorated for the festive season and trees can be moved from the ceremony room to the reception area at no cost! If you don’t have a particular date in mind then this might be a great option to get the venue of your dreams at a steal! 

Cut Your Guest List

If you keep your wedding reception guest list down to less than 50 people you can save a lot of money. Consider only inviting close friends and family to your big day then host a casual and inexpensive party to celebrate with the rest of your friends at a later date, perhaps when you return from your honeymoon. 

Garden Wedding

If you are happy for a more casual wedding reception then why not go for something in your garden such as a BBQ with ice buckets filled with drinks. If you don’t have a large garden then perhaps a family member or friend would be happy to host instead. If you want something more formal you may have to work out if it is cheaper having to rent tables, chairs and servers. Another option is to hire a marquee at a wedding venue. Venues will usually charge less to have a marquee on their grounds than to hire part of the building. We’ve found some bargain gazebos; click here to check out the fantastic deal and save up to £40.

Bring Your own Food and Drinks

Mr and MrsAlcohol can count towards your venue costs so choose a place that allows you to bring your own. You can save hundreds of pounds buying your own drinks and having an area where guests can self serve themselves on the day. Also consider having a buffet. Rally around your friends and family and ask them to contribute by bringing a food dish with them in the evening. This will save you a lot of money as your venue won’t need to cater for your food.

Find a new Venue

One way to save money on a venue is to find somewhere that is newly opened. New venues may have introductory offers and may offer lower prices whilst they are attempting to build a good reputation with new customers and businesses.

Book Last Minute

If you are good at getting everything organised quickly then booking a wedding venue at the last minute can save you a lot of money. Planning everything in around 4 months can see at least a £5000 discount on the original price of a venue. Venues will want to fill their spaces. Follow wedding venues on Facebook and Twitter, they will often post a list of last minute dates that have become available for heavily discounted prices. If you are good at making quick decisions then you can grab yourself a real bargain. Booking last minute also assumes you already have the money saved up. Ask if you can get any further discounts by paying in full straight away. Make sure you have suitable insurance in case something was to go wrong.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigAre you planning your wedding on a budget? Will you consider these options when choosing your venue? Check out our Wedding Bargains page for the latest deals, you may find the perfect addition to your venue and save yourself some money. We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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