Cheapest Way to Get Married - The Cake

The cost of a wedding and a reception soon adds up. Having a wedding cake is a must for a lot of brides but it’s generally never cheap! If the price per slice is too much to handle, read our helpful tips to cut your wedding cake budget which all will help towards saving money on your big day.

Smaller Cake

Nine times out of ten people order a wedding cake far bigger than they need. Guests have usually had some food by the time the cake has served and not everyone will want a slice. It would be a shame to waste any cake and money. Save money by ordering a smaller cake with medium sized tiers. Try ordering 2 tiers instead of the traditional 3 and you could save up to £200! A single tiered cake can look just as eye-catching as a 3 tiered one.

Opt for a Fake

Save hundreds of pounds by using a dummy cake on your big day. Dummy cakes are made with polystyrene and can be decorated the same way as a wedding cake with icing for a fraction of the cost. Keep the top tier as a small real cake for the purposes of cutting. Your guests won’t go without - tray cakes can be made and cut into slices ready to serve and your guests will ne none the wiser - this is called a cutting bar and costs around £10 for 20 persons.

Make Your Own

Get creative in the kitchen and save yourself a ton of money by making your own cake. If you’re not talented in the kitchen, ask around and see if any friends or family are willing to make you a cake. If you want a more intricate design you could always buy a cheap plain cake and then add decorations to it. Decorations, including edible ones, can be bought in craft shops for a good price. These wedding cake toppers are less than £2!

Choose Your Local Bakery

If you love your local bakery consider asking the baker if they make wedding cakes. They may not specialise in intricate designs, patterns or multiple tiers but the savings could be big. Compare their prices to specialist wedding cake bakers and see if you think it is worth making the saving.

Don't Mention 'Wedding'

As soon as you mention the word wedding the prices of everything just seems to shoot up. If you’re opting for a simple cake you don’t have to mention the occasion. Having a winter wedding? Get prices for a ‘Christmas cake’ and stretch that budget even further.

Use Real Flowers

Flowers on CakeMaking sugar flowers is a lot of work and it can take up to 2 hours to mould and dust just one sugared  replica. Choose a simple cake without flowers or use real flowers on your cake instead. Use flowers that are in season to reduce costs for the labour when creating intricate icing. Even supermarket flowers can be used to really cut down on costs and when added to the cake last minute will definitely last throughout your special day.

Save With Sponge

Fruit cakes may be the traditional when it comes to a wedding but they cost around £20 more than a sponge cake does. There are so many different sponge flavours from vanilla to chocolate to lemon or carrot you can be sure that you’ll cater for all tastes. The fact that it’s cheaper too may mean you can add an extra tier and flavour to your cake.

Simple Decoration

Simple CakeLimit the decoration on your cake to save yourself money. Decorate with a simple ribbon to match your colour scheme or use a stencil to dust a design in icing sugar on top. ‘Naked’ cakes are all the rage at the moment because not only are they practical, they also cost less. Naked cakes use less buttercream and icing and are simpler to assemble saving time and money. Experiment with tasty fillings such as lemon curd or dark chocolate ganache and decorate with fresh fruit so the wow factor is still there when it comes to taste. The longer your cake takes to make, the more you will be paying.


Double up

Use your wedding cake to save funds elsewhere in the wedding by doubling it up as dessert or wedding favours. You can box up slices of your cake and give them out as wedding favours as your guests leave which will save you getting additional items. This pack of 50 small favour boxes costs only £5.59 and would be perfect for a small slice of cake. If you’re insistent on having a separate dessert then consider scaling back on the size of your cake slices so you don’t need to order as much cake. Serve people half a slice; if they’ve had dessert already they may not be able to manage a full slice anyway. Alternatively, serve the cake on a plate in the centre of the table so people can choose whether to have a slice or not.

Save on the Display

cupcakesMany couples spend a lot of money buying or renting a cake stand which may look nice but is not always necessary. Many cake bakers will provide you with a base which you can place on the table yourself or failing that you can buy one for a few pounds from a cake store. You could even decorate your own cake stand or focus on making the space around it look nice with candles, flowers, a nice lace cloth or these pretty diamanté table scatter gems, only £1.99 for 5000! There isn’t necessarily a need for an elaborate stand so save money where you can.

Try Something Different

Instead of a traditional wedding cake why not opt for a tier of cupcakes or a dessert table instead? Cupcakes cost a lot less than your standard cake and you can hire a tiered stand to put them all on. It will also be a lot easier to transport. You could save money on delivery cost by picking the cupcakes up yourself and stacking them in your car without worrying about any damages then assembling them yourself. Ditch the cake altogether if you really can’t fit one in your budget - there’s no wedding rule book that says you MUST have a cake. 

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWill these tips help you chose a cake within your budget? Or are you already married and have some further tips to add? Check out our Wedding Bargains page for deals on cake accessories and many more items. We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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