Cheapest Way to Get Married - The Invitations & Favours

Wedding favours and invitations are often something that can either be useful or discarded. We have brought you some cost effective tips on how to save money in these areas, yet give your guests something unforgettable. 


Craft Invite Wedding invites are something you can’t really cut out if you want people to know you are getting married and to come along to your big day. You don’t have to spend excessive amounts on invites and we have brought you some top tips to save money on the all important invitations.

Make Your own Invites

Making your own invites can save you a lot of money. Head to your local craft store and bulk buy blank cards and embellishments and save yourself a fortune having someone else create them for you. If you’re not very creative, ask around your friends and family to see if they can help with ideas. You could have them round for snacks one evening and all get involved with making the invites, we are sure others would be happy to help. These wooden love hearts would be perfect for making invites look nice and at just 99p for 100 they aren’t going to break the bank.

Go Paperless

Streamline the invitation process altogether and go completely paperless. Design your invite using an online editing program which can be saved in photo format. Send out an email or pop potential guests a message over social media. This may not be suitable for the older generation who perhaps aren’t as active on their emails and computer but you can reach a large proportion of your guests via the internet and it won’t cost you a penny.

Go Simple to Save

If you are having your invitations professionally made then there are a few things you can do in order to save money. The more complicated the invites are and the longer they take meaning the price goes up. Opt for simple printed invites instead of embossed and don’t go overboard on the trimmings. Formal invites with lots of envelopes and sheets of paper typically include many formalities and paper. Choose a simple envelope without lining as the weight could increase the price of postage. Envelopes are often discarded so there is no need for a fancy one. Opt for having only the essentials in your package to save yourself some cash.

Calculate the Numbers

Avoid over-ordering on invites and correctly calculate the numbers that you need. Families and couples attending your wedding only need one invite between them. If you are inviting work colleagues, consider sending one invitation around the team instead of printing or ordering multiple copies.


Wedding favours are a nice addition to any wedding and don’t have to cost the earth. The cheapest way to save money on favours is to skip them altogether, but we have brought you some money saving tips if you don’t want to go without. There is also plenty of money saving ideas on our Wedding Bargains page, including these heart bottle openers for 99p.

Make Your own Favours

pick n mixIf you have a lot of guests attending your wedding then buying individual favours for them all can soon add up. Making your own favours may be time consuming but it is definitely worth considering if it is going to save you a lot of money. Find favours you like the look of and work out the cost of making them at home to see if it is worth the effort. Hobbycraft have some great deals on craft accessories and hamper making pieces.



Seasonal Favours

Buying favours in advance out of season could save you a lot of money. If your wedding is booked for the following winter then buying reduced seasonal stock in January-February is a great idea. Consider having Christmas crackers as favours because after Christmas these will be heavily reduced, as will decorations which could also double up as favours or centrepieces. Likewise if you are having a summer wedding, buy pieces in the autumn once they have been reduced and save them for the big day.

Bulk buy

Sweet BuffetIf you are making your own favours then buy the supplies in bulk to save money. Sweets and even items such as mini soaps can be picked up in large quantities in wholesale stores then separated into smaller containers/bags at home. You may also be able to pick up large quantities of goodie bags or boxes in these stores which will be cheaper than buying smaller or individual packs. This 50 pack of wedding favour boxes is less than £7. Try searching online for large quantities of items you want to use as part of your favours.

Free Favours

There are a number of things you can offer your guests without having to spend a penny. Printable items cost nothing at all and you could give out your favourite recipes or even share poems with your guests. You can also print your own labels rather than purchasing them to cut down further on costs.

Food Favours

Edible gifts tend to be popular with guests and food related favours will be cheaper than buying individual gifts. There are many things you can make yourself at home even in advance. If you want to prepare your favours way before the big day consider making batches of chutney, jam or honey for your guests to take home. If you have more time before the big day you could make cookies. Sweets go down really well and you can pick up 30 cone party bags for just £2.23.

Skip the Favours

As mentioned earlier, the cheapest way to save money on favours is to skip them altogether. Why not offer all of your guests a piece of wedding cake instead of a favour to save money and double up on the use of the cake too.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWhat is the most interesting wedding favour you have received? What did your wedding invites look like? Check out our Wedding Bargains page for the latest deals, favour boxes and gift ideas and save yourself plenty of money. We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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