The Cheap Way to 'Juice' - Don't Spend Over the Odds

Have you ever thought about juicing? Don’t want to spend over the odds on something that could just be a fad? If you’re thinking of taking the plunge into juicing then read our tips on cheap ways to juice and improve your nutrition right away.

Invest in Equipment

When you make a healthy change to your diet, you need to think of it as more of an investment than an expense as it is something that will benefit you in the long run. If you already have a juicer then that’s the first step and first expense out of the way. Electronic juicers cost around £20 for a basic model and can cost in excess of £200 for a top of the range one. Manual hand held juicers are cheaper at around £10-£15 but it will take you longer to use. 

Choose Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh Fruit PileBuying fruits and vegetables when they are in season will mean they’re generally sold a little bit cheaper than usual so you can get more for your money. You can also make a day of it – why not try strawberry picking in the summer? Pick yourself some lovely fruit and turn it into a day out. If a recipe calls for an ingredient that isn’t in season, swap it for something that is. Pumpkin works great in juices but is only available towards the end of the year; a great alternative is sweet potato or butternut squash.           


Grow From Home

There are plenty of fruits and vegetables available that can happily grow in an average garden. Having a plot set aside in your garden can supplement a huge chunk of your store bought produce. Even if you only have a small patio or window area available you can still grow greens such as spinach, kale and lettuce – all of which can be added to green juices saving you money on your shop.

Be Savvy in the Supermarket

Keep in mind your budget when shopping the supermarket aisles. Plan what juices you would like to make for the week, write a list and stick to it! Try shopping later in the evening when the Supermarkets reduce their stock and grab some bargains. Also compare the prices of loose fruit and vegetables compared to pre-packaged ones and check out any multi-buy offers where you can save money. Keep an eye on ALDI’s super 6 offers where you can pick up great bargains each week on different fruits and vegetables. 

Freeze itFrozen Berries

Some fruits and vegetables can be juiced from frozen so if you happen to see a great deal in the supermarket for fruit nearly past its best, then pick it up! Ripe bananas can be frozen without their skins, as can a number of berries. Frozen berries are a lot cheaper to buy than fresh, so check those frozen aisles when you shop. Most vegetables can be peeled, chopped, steamed and then frozen for you to use at a later time if you have anything nearing its use by date.

Make Your Juice go Further

Make your juice go further by adding extra liquid to your fruit so you don’t need to add as much. Water is fine for thinning the juice out or you could even add fruit juice that you already have in the fridge. This way you will still get the benefits of a healthy juice, but your drink will last you longer.

Use Produce With a High Water Content

By buying produce that has high water content, you’ll be able to make your budget go further because you won’t need to buy as much to make a good glass of juice. Melon has a high water content so stock up on watermelon, cantaloupes and honeydew. Other fruits that have a lot of water in them include apples and oranges. Some vegetables worth trying are carrots, cucumber and celery.

Orange Juice

Only Make a Little

The temptation you may have when juicing is to make loads of it because it’s good for you. You only need to have one glass a day to improve your health and reap the benefits from the nutrients in the juice. Making just one glass a day means your shopping bill won’t triple in price due to all the fruit you need to add to keep up with multiple juices per day. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

70% Vegetables, 30% Fruit

Although fruits are good for you, they can be expensive when you juice them. It is also better for your body to eat fruit rather than drink it due to the sugar content. Juices are suppose to nourish the body which vegetables do well but don’t contain any sugar and don’t cost as much to buy. Try making your juices with mostly vegetables. Carrots are a great low cost, sweet ingredient that is great for juicing and improves your skin and immunity. 

Buy Ingredients in Advance
Fresh Vegetables

There are a number of ingredients that are cheaper to buy in advance. If something is soon to be out of season then stock up on that item and freeze it ready for future juices. The prices of out of season fruits and vegetables can often double as it is harder for the supermarkets to source them at different times of the year. “Ripen at home” avocados are much cheaper then ready ripe ones in the Supermarket and are great to add to juices.


Re-use Your Pulp

If you’re using a juicer then you know that you are often left with pulp and fruit rind. Instead of throwing this away you can make great use of this. You can add the pulp to soups to thicken them and boost the fibre density. You can add pulp to homemade burgers to add flavour, moisture and nutrition. Pulp can also be eaten by animals; you could even try making dog treats with it! Pulp can be added to most baked goods such as crumbles and muffins to give extra texture and flavour. 

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope these ideas will help you to juice on a budget. What do you think of juicing? Will you be using our tips to save money?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below. 

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