Cheap Things... That Make a Real Difference

There are certain things in life that really improve our day to day activities. These items don’t have to cost the earth! We’ve brought you a list of some cheap things that can really make a difference.

Astral Cream

Astral Cream This multi-purpose moisturising cream can be picked up in drugstores or on Amazon for less than £1.50 - it’s cheaper than chips! You can use Astral moisturiser on all areas of the body saving you money on buying multiple creams. It’s loved by celebrities such as Joanna Lumley and has been a firm favourite with Hollywood Stars since the 1950's. You can even use this to take make-up off so it’s a great all-round product.



Egg Boiling Timer

You can pick up these handy egg timers that you add to the water in your pan when boiling eggs. They change colour depending on if the egg is soft boiled or hard boiled. Get that perfect dippy egg every time. These are available in most pound shops.


PensHow many times have you needed to scribble something down when on the phone or add something to your shopping list but you can’t find a pen anywhere? Pick up a pack of 12 ballpoint pens from any pound shop. Keep a couple in your handbag, a couple in the kitchen and some in your bedroom and never be lost without a pen again.

Apple Corer

These little apple corer gadgets are great for slicing an apple in one easy movement. Great for serving apple slices to children and for those who prefer the apple sliced and de-seeded before eating. Again, these can be bought for around £1-£2.


You can pick up a bumbag on your local market for less than £5 and these have many uses. Why not consider taking a bumbag when walking your dogs and fill it with waste bags, treats, tissues, your phone and your keys. This keeps your hands free to concentrate on keeping hold of your dog and you don’t need an extra handbag weighing you down. 

Plastic Food Tubs

LunchboxYou can get these in any pound shop and they are great for batch cooking. These tubs can be put in your freezer and microwave so are great for times when you need an easy quick meal. Check out our post on cheap freezer meals for ideas on what to cook and store in these tubs. 

Eye Masks

Transform your nights sleep with a simple eye mask, available in most discount stores. Not only can you block out any light, you won’t need to shield your eyes from the sun with a duvet on those summer mornings. More sleep for you means a better quality of life and a happier day.

Drawer Organiser

If you’re forever losing things such as pens, batteries, safety pins and general bits and bobs then having a drawer organiser means you can keep these things together and not have to spend money on replacing them once lost. Drawer organisers are relatively cheap or alternatively you could use a cutlery tray which costs around £1.50 in stores such as Wilko.

Hair Supplies

Tangle TeezerIf you need to put your hair up in a hurry then it’s always handy to have a hair scrunchie nearby. Keep one on your wrist at all times for when you just need to tie your hair back. These are also great for putting your children’s hair up to avoid them from getting head lice. Team this with a Tangle Teezer. These cost less than £10 but will make your life so much easier. The Tangle Teezer will enable you to  brush your hair painlessly. These work wonders on children and you can get rid of knots with no tears.

Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser

Wrapping presents at Christmas can be a bit of a chore. It’s easy to misplace to the sellotape or lose the end and having to cut pieces whilst you try and hold the paper down can be a lot of hassle. Most stationery shops sell heavy duty tape dispensers for less than £2 and we think it’s worth it just for the time you will save trying to find the end of the tape roll! These are also great for kids who want to help out or do some crafts as they don’t need to use sharp scissors so it’s a lot safer.

Ear Plugs

These handy little plugs cost around £2 and have a multitude of uses. Use them when swimming to minimise ear infections and give you more focus when you swim. You can also wear these if your partner snores and get a much better sleep. These are also handy if your partner works different shifts to you and tends to wake you up if they get home late. Drown out the sounds and invest in some ear plugs.

Trolley Coins

How many times have you turned up to the shop without a pound coin for the trolley so you have to resort to a basket! It’s always hard to keep a coin on you at all times because there may be situations where you need to spend it. Invest in a trolley coin, for around £1 and keep this on your keys. That way you will never be caught short in the supermarket and you’ll always have the option of getting a trolley when you are shopping.


Having a bucket can help you out in so many ways. Mopping the floors is a lot easier having a bucket by your side. They’re useful for cleaning the car and emptying fish tanks in one go rather than doing multiple trips with a small jug. You can also take it out in the garden and use it to put your waste in. General purpose buckets cost around £1 in most DIY stores and will make your life that little bit easier.

Hot Water Bottles

A hot water bottle has many uses and can be bought for less than £5. Use one to warm up the bed before getting in to save money on heating bills. If you’re not feeling well, a hot water bottle is the perfect companion to warm you up and make you feel better. The thick rubber material is strong and will last you years before you need to buy a new one.

What is the Verdict?

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