Breast Feed To Save Money

For many new mums, breast milk is the most precious source of nutrients for their baby.  Breast milk is uniquely rich in vitamins and minerals, proteins, and even contains powerful antibodies that protect newborns too.  While breastfeeding may be one of the mountains of tasks that come with a new baby at home, it's also a hidden source for saving serious money too!  Looking at the act of breastfeeding as a means for saving money reveals several surprising financial benefits for new mums.

Save Big On Formula & Accessories

Breast Feeding

There isn't an official timeline for how long a woman should start and stop breastfeeding their child, but experts do recommend breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months, since that typically mark's a baby's first introduction to solid foods.  New mums may even opt to breastfeed until a year or more since breast milk is infused with so many healthy nutrients and natural immunization properties.

Breast feeding may not automatically equate to being a unique source of saving money for new mums, but not having to buy baby formula is definitely the #1 most obvious monetary benefit at play here.  The city of Sheffield's breastfeeding support center reports that, on average, families spend nearly £450 a year on baby formula alone.  This sum doesn't even include all the accessories that come with using baby formula, like bottles, teats, disposable baby bottle liners, sleeves, and special bottle drying racks. 

Breastfeeding Is A Preventative

Immediate breastfeeding after birth is one of the most natural methods for protecting vulnerable infants from early childhood diseases.  This special "first round" of breast milk, also known as colostrum, differs from matured breast milk in that it contains a natural laxative that washes away the pre-birth waste that had collected in a newborn's intestines.  This gives new mums the potential to save big on costs associated with accommodating certain childhood diseases and health problems.

The National Health Service reported back in December 2014 that breastfeeding could potentially save the country almost £40m annually as an important health preventative.  Severe respiratory infections like bronchiolitis and severe middle ear infections are cited as conditions that could be prevented by more prolonged breast milk use, as well as digestion problems such as irritable bowel infections and even a fatal gastrointestinal diseases that kills bowel tissue.  Direct medical correlations and hospital records reveal that bottle-fed babies are 10 times more at-risk at developing certain gastrointestinal conditions, while breast fed babies infected with the same conditions are far more rare.

The "Eco-Friendly" Choice

Cutting down on waste, whether it's plastic bags or paper cups, is an invaluable part of saving money.  And here again we see breastfeeding as yet another important asset for keeping family expenses low.  Not only does breastfeeding save money on bottles and bottle feeding accessories, but it also a natural renewable resource that helps cut back on non-biodegradable plastics, trash bags, labels, wrappers, accessory packaging, cardboard boxes, and precious storage space.

Health Benefits For Mums Too!

Mums always put their families first.  Along with providing vital nutrients for their newborn babies, breastfeeding also has fantastic health benefits for mums themselves.  Women can burn up to 500 calories a day through breastfeeding alone which helps new mums navigate those post-partum waters a little better.  This could even help women steer clear of those expensive weight-loss programs or special food products targeted to new mums.

Most importantly, breastfeeding is shown to have major long-term benefits for a woman's health.  Women are encouraged to take calcium throughout their lives to prevent bone-weakening conditions, most notably Osteoporosis, that target women in mid-life.  However, women over the age of 60 who have breastfeed during their lives have nearly half the chance of getting Osteoporosis than women who have never breastfed.

Here, breastfeeding can naturally save mums from buying those specialised calcium-infused chews, but the priceless health benefits it has for women itself far outweighs what mums can save annually on certain consumer products.  Breastfeeding is also cited as an important preventative for breast and ovarian cancer; in fact, breastfeeding can potentially reduce a woman's risk of breast cancer by 25%.  Plus the more a mum has breastfed in her life, the more the risk for these particular cancers decreases.

Breastfeeding Can Relax New Mums

This is an interesting point, as it's universally known that new moms are pretty exhausted and stretched thin.  Plus breastfeeding isn't always easy either, as it's common for a lot of new mums to report difficulty with breastfeeding the first time around.  Breastfeeding can require up to 2 to 3 hours of work per day, and it's not always the most comfortable feeling in the world.  However once there's a consistent breastfeeding routine is in place, it has the potential to be an incredible mood balancer for mums.

Breastfeeding during the first 6 months is not only integral to a baby's health, but it can also lower a woman's blood pressure and prevent hypertension problems later on in life.  Women who breastfeed are less at risk for developing post-partum depression and anxiety disorders after giving birth, plus breastfeeding is a vital tool for establishing early bonds with an infant.

The price of achieving peace of mind is costly and new mums are in a particularly vulnerable position.  Breastfeeding, while not easy for all mums, can potentially cut costs on particular post-partum anxiety treatments or irresponsible spending as a result of coping with feelings of post-partum depression.  Low-impact exercise and eating healthy are a couple natural ways to combat post-baby blues without indulging on expensive meals or unnecessary shopping sprees.

Who knew that breastfeeding came packed with so many health benefits and financial advantages for women?  Combined with sound spending habits, long-term financial planning, and health awareness, breastfeeding is an essential tool that's indispensable to new mums.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigSaving money on products and waste is great, but the long-term benefits of breastfeeding can prove even more crucial for women today.  Do you think you will be putting some of the above into action?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below.

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