Bargain Shopping Month by Month – Our Guide

Retailers think they’re so smart, but we’re catching on to them. Retailers operate on a need-demand basis, which means when the need is low, so are the prices.

While this makes sense in theory, it can be a bit hard to adjust your shopping around low demand season hits, especially if you have no idea when low season hits. So, we did the research for you.

Below is monthly guide on when to get the best deals on merchandise, everything from cameras to cars. If you’re planning to make any big purchases in the near future, you might want to refer to this handy guide beforehand. Waiting a few weeks could save you hundreds of pounds.

Monthly Bargains


Deals and January go together like fish and chips. After all, stores stock up during the holiday season and any merchandise they can’t sell is usually discounted to get off the shelves faster.

But what are the best deals come January? We’ve found that January is a great time to buy new tech. That’s right, if you need a camera, television, printer, computer, or DVD player, now is your time to act.

If the prices in the regular stores are still too steep for you, or you’re just extra bargain-savvy, try looking for used tech. A lot of times, people receive gadgets for Christmas that they didn’t want, so they return them. These items are still considered ‘used’ and sell for a discount.

Even better, people who got upgrades for Christmas will get rid of their old tech, which is sometimes only a year or several months old. You can get these items on the cheap and often they’re still in great condition.


The month of love isn’t just about flowers and candy, it’s also about household appliances. Yes, you read that right!

If you’re looking to get new household appliances, you’ll want to shop in February. Because most appliances release they’re new models in February, all the older models are discounted to get them off the floor faster. This means you can get a new washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, or refrigerator for some great prices during this month.

Not looking for appliances? Fine, here’s a little Valentine’s Day trick: The sooner you order your flowers, the less you’ll have to pay. Order during the first few days of the month and you could save up to 20%! The closer to the big day you order, the more expensive things get.


Winter have your car struggling to keep up? Well, that’s what March is for! If you want to buy a used car, you’ll get great prices during March.

New registrations come out the end of February and beginning of March, which means dealers are taking loads of part exchanges against brand new cars. This means that used car prices are much more flexible during this month.


With the end of winter comes the beginning of spring. And, as the sun starts shining and the days begin to warm, people start clearing out their homes.

April is the ideal month to start bargain hunting in charity shops. All the items that other people are tired of seeing laying around their house might be just the thing you want in your home.

April offers double the discounts because stores also offer Easter sales, which means you could be getting the things you need at a steep discount.


Are you looking for a new digital or SLR camera, but don’t have the hundreds of pounds it costs to buy a good one? Wait until May!

Camera manufacturers release their new ranges at the end of spring, in preparation for all those summer shots. This means the older, but brand new, cameras are being discounted so retailers can make space for the new stock.

If you miss the camera discounts in May, don’t worry. New camera models come out just before Christmas, so you can get a few great deals then, too.


Tired of squinting at your old television? You should treat yourself with a brand new one! But, only in June.

Just like with the cameras, new television models are released right before summer, or peak sporting season. When the new models come in, the old models have to go. And to get them out of the shops faster, retailers drop the prices.

Want even more deals? Don’t forget to check online. You’d be surprised at how the prices vary from store to website.


While you’re enjoying the good weather that comes with summer, you might want to consider preparing for the bad weather.

Remember how we said everything in retail is supply and demand? Well, it just so happens that in the middle of the summer, there’s very little demand for energy assessments and the work associated with optimizing your homes energy. This makes it the perfect time to get the work done.

Also, did you know that 4x4s sell better during the winter? People tend to buy these large vehicles during the winter months because they want something that will help them get through the snow and cold. Thankfully, that means that July is the best time to buy this large, durable cars on the cheap. Even if they aren’t advertised as cheaper, see if you can negotiate with the dealer. Most of the time, they just want to get the cars off the lot.


Not many people will need this bargain, but if you’re looking to buy a house, you might want to wait until August. There’s a huge upsurge of bricks and mortar during the spring, which means by the time August rolls around, they’ve been sitting on the market for quite a while.

Sellers will have to re-market their homes in August, which is a generally weaker market. So, both the owners and agents will be pushing to sell before they enter the dead zone of autumn.


Because of back-to-school sales, September ushers in huge discounts on laptops, printers, and mobile phones. And, if you’re old-school and want a desktop, this is the time to shop. You can save almost 1/3 on desktops during this season.


If you can last until mid-autumn to get your summer furniture, you’re sure to get some great discounts. Because summer is officially over by October, all those grills, lawnmowers, and outdoor furniture will be on sale.

Not only is summer gear slashed in price by the time October rolls around, but because retailers will start stocking winter gear around this time, the prices are even lower than they would have been in September. Basically, anything that’s seasonally summer can be bought at a discount in October.


Remember how July was the best time to buy 4x4s because people tend to buy them when the weather gets bad in the winter? Well, flip that concept on its head and you have the reason why buying a sports car in November will save you money.

Convertibles are most expensive during the summer, because that’s when people want to drive with the top down. In winter, however, no one wants to be driving around in a little sports car. So, use the lack of interest to your benefit and buy that sports convertible you’ve always wanted.

This method is a bit tricky, however, because it’s the new cars that come with the biggest discounts. Most used dealerships can hold on to their stock until summer, so they don’t offer as many discounts as new dealerships. Perfect excuse to buy a brand new car, right?


December is the worst month for budgeting. You’re spending all your money on Christmas feasts and buying presents for friends and family. If you feel a bit guilty about spending money during the holiday season, buy a car. That’s right! While November is a great time to buy a convertible, December is great for all other cars.

New plates are released in December, which means car dealerships will have fewer customers going in and out. Plus, a lot of those salespeople are trying to make the commissions they need for the holidays and to reach the end of the year quota, which means all sorts of incentives and deals for you.

Also, if you’re considering redecorating your home, you could get some pretty decent deals now. Most decorators, painters, and construction workers don’t have that much work during the winter months, so they’ll offer you great deals.

What is the Verdict?

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