Affordable Gift Ideas for Kids

Whether you’re buying presents for your own children, or buying for birthday parties there is no need to overspend. We’ve brought you a few affordable gift ideas so you can still show your appreciation and put a smile on someone’s face without breaking the bank.

Jewellery making kits

Bracelet Kit You can often pick up kids craft making kits such as bracelets, loom bands, and even cake making sets. These usually come in at around £5 and make a great gift for getting those creative juices flowing. These are available in most toy shops. Hobbycraft have a great range of necklace kits where you get the thread and a large selection of beads to make your own handmade necklaces. These come in at just £10 and come in so many colours. Children also love baking cakes and you can get themed cupcake kits such as Disney and Mr Men from your local supermarket for around £2.50. These are great fun for children to do with a responsible adult present and they get to eat what they've created afterwards so you can't really go wrong with this gift.


Arts and craft supplies

Following on from the last point, arts and crafts don't have to be expensive. You can buy a range of arts and crafts products for kids which will keep them busy for hours without breaking the bank. 'The Works' offer fantastic deals on  paints, sketch pads and colouring supplies as well as plenty of scrap-booking material which can be bought online if you don't have a store local to you. Specialist arts and crafts shops may have cheaper deals especially if you buy in bulk. Buying in bulk is handy especially if your child has a birthday party to go to, the extra supplies can be split up and bundled together to make great gifts. A scrapbook and lots of craft supplies is affordable, thoughtful and something they can keep for years to come.

Nail sets

If you’ve got children that are at that age where they no longer want to play with toys, but aren’t quite grown up enough for make-up then nail sets are a great gift idea. A couple of nail varnishes teamed up with a cute nail file can cost next to nothing. Nail varnishes can be picked up in Primark and even Poundland these days so won’t break the bank. It makes the perfect gift for those girly girls and will be appreciated despite the low cost.



Stuffed animals

All children love a teddy or two and you can pick these up in most toy shops for a great price. If you're willing to spend that little bit extra then you could head to Build-a-Bear and get a stuffed toy from there, prices start from £10 and can be customised with loads of clothes and shoes. If you know that a child is getting a build-a-bear from someone else, you could also be the one to buy it some clothes and accessories, these start at just £1.

Colouring kitsColouring Book

Adult colouring books are all the rage right now but are also great fun for kids and can keep them entertained for hours. A nice colouring book and a set of pens won’t cost you an arm and a leg and is something that will keep them quiet and out of trouble.  Pens and pencils can be bought from pound land these days or check out your local craft shop.



Action Figures

Action FiguresAction figures don’t need to be expensive, in fact Toys R Us has over 700 figurines for under £10 including popular superheroes Spiderman and Captain America. Kids love letting their imaginations run wild and action figures are great because they often come in sets so you can spread the cost by asking different family members to get different characters.  You can also expand on the fun by buying props to go with the toys. To buy proper props can be expensive so why not improvise by making them. Use cereal boxes and kitchen roll tubes to make your very own castles that kids can have great fun with and not have to worry about breaking them.



MarblesTraditional board games are easy to get hold of and come at a great price. They are also fun for all the family. You can buy a set of dominoes for around £5 and for the really young children they even sell Peppa Pig dominoes which they are more likely to relate to. It's a great way to get them learning their numbers too so it can be a fun and educational gift. Children also love playing with marbles when they get a bit older and there are lots of games that can be played using them. A pack of 50 marbles costs around £1, these are not suitable for really young children however. Check shops like Argos for board games at great prices. They have a huge range of Hasbro games starting at just £4.99 for some classic favourites such as Snakes and Ladders, Jenga and Charades for Kids.


BooksBooks can be bought second hand in charity shops and on websites such as EBay and Amazon. It is easy to find age appropriate books for children of all ages. Babies and small children love interactive books with music and lots of different textures to feel and touch. When children start getting a bit older picture books with large text are great for them when they are learning to read and for the older children, David Walliam's has a great range of books which are suitable for children aged 8 and onwards which are fun and easy for them to read. Even buying books new doesn't cost an arm and a leg but it is always worth checking car boot sales and charity shops where you could really pick up a bargain.


What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope you now have some great affordable gift ideas if you have a child's birthday coming up, there are so many things you can buy for them and these are some of our favourite picks. What are your affordable gift suggestions?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below.

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