10 of the Best Places to Get Cheap Childrens Clothes

Finding Cheap Childrens ClothesAt BB4BM, we know how crazy it can be to get all your kids looking semi-appropriate, loaded in the car, and to a store to buy clothes. We won’t even get started on trying to keep them under control while you try to find the right sizes and prices for each item of clothing. In a word, it’s ‘chaotic’. Not only is shopping for children’s clothes tiring, it can also get extremely expensive. If you’re trying to keep an eye on your kids and trying to get their clothes at the same time, you probably aren’t going to care as much about the price as getting back home in one piece.

Now that we’ve painted that horrific picture, we want to list a few of the best places to find children’s clothes at bargain prices, so you don’t have to worry if you’re getting the best deal for your money. And, most of these stores have online shopping options, so you can shop from the sanctity of your own home! That’s what we at BB4BM like to call a win-win!


Surprised? So were we! But it’s true, the store that is home to some of the best accessories for women has also expanded its children’s clothing line. And, just like the styles we’ve come to love at H&M, everything is extremely affordable. Not only do they offer clothes from newborn and up, but they also have the cutest designs. And their online stores offer so many more options than their brick and mortar stores. Another plus? If you spend over £50, you get free shipping!


The sales at Gap are enough to get anyone excited. And, the UK branches are always offering dozens of sales on their adorable, but affordable, baby and children’s clothes. The store offers everything from cute dresses and graphic tees to shorts and trousers for the entire family. And we do mean the entire family. So, while you’re picking out a few things for the kids, you might as well pick out a couple pieces for yourself!

George at Asda

These behemoth stores have everything you could ever need, but can also be exhausting and overwhelming to shop in. Which is why their online stores are a great option for busy mums looking for a bargain! George at Asda has thousands of options for baby and children’s clothes, all a fraction of the price of more upscale boutiques, but just as cute. And, because George at Asda is a one stop shop, it has all the other things you could possibly need for the kids, from bed sets to highchairs.

F&F Tesco

Another large store chain that is ahead of the children’s clothes game is Tesco. While not all their stores have the options of their online stores, they make shopping online extremely easy. They have clothes sizes from infant and up. Plus, they also have a store specifically for school uniforms, which can save a lot of money and hassle when the school year is about to start. And, just like H&M, they offer free shipping for orders over £50.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is one store we just can’t quit. Granted, most of the clothes are aimed for a younger demographic, but their fashion forward styles and amazing prices make it a temptation for anyone! And now they have a line specifically for young girls! Forever 21 Girl has sizes from 6 to 14. This is perfect for your little diva, if she wants to look extremely trendy for a great price.


Not only can you find stores that offer extremely cheap, brand new clothing options on EBay, but you can also buy used clothes for a huge cut in price. The best part about buying clothes on EBay is that you can put in all your criteria beforehand, so that you’re only shopping through options that you’re really interested in. And, because former customers review most of the products found in the online stores, you’ll get a good idea about what you’re getting. Down side? Shopping on EBay does take a bit more time, since it can be hard to find the perfect options.

Tu at Sainsbury

Another huge store that has gone into the clothing business is Sainsbury. While their line of children’s clothing isn’t as extensive or fashionable as other lines, it is extremely convenient and very well priced. And, they also have a large selection of uniform options for your older kids, which is great if you need a few new pieces for the school year. You can’t have their items shipping to you. However, if you have a Sainsbury nearby, their Click and Collect service allows you to purchase your things online and then run into the store to pick them up.

Thrift/Consignment/Charity Shops

Unfortunately, we can’t give you the specific names of any thrift or consignment stores, because these depend on where you live. But, if you have any near you, these stores are definitely something worth checking out. It may seem a bit unappealing to buy things secondhand, but the awesome part about it is that you can see in the store how worn/used an item is before buying it. This way you can pick out clothes that are like new, wash them, and have a great outfit for your kids for less than half the price you would have paid for brand new clothes!

Car Boot, Moving, or Rummage Sale

These take a little bit of organization and research on your part, but can also offer amazing deals. And, if you’re lucky to find a family that only has one or two kids, you’re sure to find clothes in amazing condition, or even never worn! There are websites that track these kinds of sales, so you can sign-up and get updates whenever there’s a sale. And you never know what other little treasures you’ll find! Another mans’ trash is, after all, another mans’ treasure.

Secondhand or Boutique Via Facebook Groups

Facebook isn’t just for stalking your old classmates and being consumed with the best deals on brand new purchases in our BB4BM group! There are actually plenty of fb 'selling' groups where people post items they no longer need and would like to sell. You can contact these individual buyers and work out the price and specific shipping costs, which can save you a lot of money. Plus, you’re destined to make a few mum friends in the process. Smaller boutiques that don’t have websites also use Facebook groups to sell their products, that can be amazing quality and pretty cheap. It just takes a little bit of work to find the right ones.


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