Top 37 Tips for Budget Conscious Makeup Enthusiasts

Are you a makeup enthusiast? We've brought you 37 top tips for if you're trying to stick to a budget.

1. Use two Lipsticks to Make Them Last

Make Up Tips On A Budget If you have a lipstick color that you don’t like or that doesn’t flatter your skin tone, try blending it with another to get the tone and shade you want. Not only will this make it last longer, but it will pop more! You can even do this with lip balm or gloss.

2. Mix Foundations and Bronzers With Moisturizer

If you want to increase, and therefore save money, on your foundations and bronzers, buy them a shade darker and mix them with moisturizer. You can almost double how long you use them this way.

3. Fix Crumbled Powders and Eyeshadows

If you’ve dropped or broken your pressed powder or eyeshadow, you can fix them and have them looking brand new by using a little alcohol. Just add a few drops and press the broken parts down.

4. Use Water to Finish Every Drop of Liquid Makeup

If you have a liquid makeup that’s running low, you can use a little hot water to get every last drop. Just set the makeup in hot or warm water to get it a bit runnier and pour everything out into a smaller container.

5. Replace Your Sponges With Brushes

Sponges seep up makeup, meaning lots of your foundation gets wasted. Use brushes instead, so you’re getting the most out of it.

6. Use Water to Save dry Mascara

If your mascara has dried up or gotten too clumpy, you can place it in warm water to get it smooth again!

7. Use Saline to Save Mascara

If your mascara is old or clumpy, you can bring it back to its former glory by adding a few drops of saline to the container. Just squeeze 5-10 drops into the mascara container and shake.

8. Add Baby Powder to Your Mascara

If you want fuller, thicker eyelashes, add some baby powder between your layers of mascara.

9. Make Your own Brush Cleaner

Instead of spending loads of money buying makeup brush cleaner, you can make your own. Mix equal parts olive oil and dishwashing soap together, and you’ll have a quick and easy way to clean your brushes!

10. Make Your own Makeup Removal Wipes

By cutting paper towels in half and soaking them in a special mixture, you can make your own makeup removal wipes AND save money. Just place the half roll of paper towels in a container, add four cups of warm distilled water, several tablespoons of coconut oil, and a few drops of face wash and tea tree oil. It’s as easy as that!

11. Make Your own Natural Makeup

If you want a little extra coverage but don’t want to pay for mineral makeup, just mix equal parts cornstarch and green clay powder. Voila! Natural makeup.

12. Change Your Makeup Remover

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to makeup remover, use a little baby shampoo. Johnson’s No More Tears works excellent and smells amazing.

13. Go Green to Save Money

Several makeup stores will give you free products if you return old and used containers to them. Some of the biggest ones are Kiehl’s, MAC, and Lush.

14. Empty Your Eyeshadow Containers to Recycle Faster

If you’re ready to get a free product from one of the above stores, but you still have some eyeshadow left, you can remove the leftover containers using a flat iron and paring knife. You’ll be able to keep the eyeshadow, but you can turn it in faster to get free stuff!

15. Order Online

If you buy your products online, several stores (Sephora, Beauty, and Ulta) send free samples with your purchases. This will give you chance to try things out…for free!

16. Use Coupons

Some websites, like RetailMeNot, offer codes for free products from top makeup stores. Check them out before making a purchase.

17. Ask for Samples

If you’re not completely sure about what perfume or makeup you want to use, just ask the sales associates for a few samples to try out. Most are more than willing to give you several.

18. Watch Where you Shop

Like most stores, makeup stores put their most expensive products where they’ll get the most visibility: At eye level. Look a little higher or lower and you’ll find products that are just as good, but cheaper.

19. Follow Blogs

Several makeup blogs and bloggers keep track of sales and know when you can get the best deals. Also, some bloggers even sell off extra products they receive to review for a lot less.

20. Check Discount Stores

Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s have extensive makeup sections that sell high-end makeup for a fraction of the price.

21. Buy off Brand and off Season

Several websites offer cheaper versions of high-end makeups. And, if you purchase your seasonal shades during off season, you’ll save a bunch of money, but still have enough variety.

22. Reuse Mascara Brushes

If you’ve spent money on an expensive mascara, you can reuse the brush in cheaper mascaras. It’s really the brush that makes the difference, so wash it off and use it as many times as you want!

23. Use Your Mascara Brushes for Multiple Purposes

Those cheap mascara brushes that you’re throwing out for your expensive ones? They can be used for other things. Wash your jewelry or unclog drains with them, then nothing goes to waste.

24. Use Paintbrushes for Makeup

Instead of spending on makeup brushes, you can save money by visiting an art store and buying paintbrushes. These are cheaper, and they come in several different sizes and textures, so you’ll never be at a loss.

25. Mix Perfume and Unscented Lotion

If you want to stretch out your last little bits of perfume, mix a few drops with some unscented lotion. You can get the scent and moisturized at the same time.

26. Get the Most out of Your Products

Use every last bit of your makeup products by cutting them open or using earbuds.

27. Check Prices and Sizes

While larger sizes are usually lower priced per ounce, some smaller sizes are actually cheaper. Double check before you purchase, because sometimes buying multiple small sizes will save money.

28. Protect Your Powders

If you’re afraid of the makeup in your compacts breaking, fill the extra space with cotton balls or cotton rounds. They’ll fill in the extra space without ruining the quality of your makeup.

29. Make Your own Nail Polish

If you have an eyeshadow color that you really love, you can break it up and mix it with clear nail polish to create a custom color. Plus, then your nails and eyes will match!

30. Use a Natural lip Plumper

If you want the perfect, plump lip, but don’t want to spend the extra money on purchasing some, make it yourself. Mix a fourth teaspoon of cayenne pepper and ground ginger with two tablespoons of coconut and a few drops of peppermint oil, and you’re ready to go!

31. Save Your Makeup Sponges

If you do decide to use makeup sponges, you can cut them into quarters so you can access all sides of them. This will give you more uses out of each one and minimize makeup waste.

32. Don't dry out Your Mascara

It’s natural to pump mascara wands, but this actually adds air to the container and makes it dry out faster. Spin your mascara brush instead of pumping it and you’ll save your mascara.

33. Fix Broken Lipstick

Lipstick can be melted and put back together pretty easily. You can use a match, or even a hairdryer, to melt it a little bit and reattach the broken part with the body of the lipstick.

34. Pot Your Lipsticks

If you want more versatility with your lipstick colors, then you really should pot them. This way, you can use brushes to apply them and mix and layer your colors.

35. Keep Your Makeup Cool

Any makeup that has oil in it can be refrigerated to last longer. This include foundations, lipsticks, and eye liners.

36. Make Your own Teeth Whitener Eyeliner

Ground charcoal mixed with coconut oil not only provides an amazing DIY eyeliner, that smells delicious, but it also works great as an all-natural teeth whitener. Two birds, meet one stone.

37. Return What you Don't Like

Most stores will accept returns on barely used makeups. So, if you take something home and just can’t stand it, ask the store if you can return it. There usually isn’t much of a problem.

What is the Verdict?

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