Saving Money on Baby Essentials for New Mums

BabySavingMoneyBeing a parent is a stressful thing - no matter who you are, where you are in life, or what experience you may have. Us? we had none. We had never even changed a dirty nappy before  becoming parents, and we are here to tell you that it is not an easy job. There are a lot of people out there who will tell you that you have to have this product or that product, and don’t even think about going to the hospital without this. In reality, there are only a handful of things you really have to have in order to ease your child’s life into this world (and ease yourself into the role of mummy or daddy).  Although it is never cheap to have children, you really don’t need to spend thousands in the first year…

1. Clothes

That might sound a bit obvious - of course, you have to have clothes for your baby - but there are a few things you might not have thought about just yet. First, charity shops are absolutely wonderful places to shop for baby clothes. Don’t go and spend a whole lot of money on brand new clothes. Guess what? Your baby isn’t going to stay little for very long. Babies and young children grow ridiculously fast, and most discount stores are going to be weighed down with little clothes that other parents just have to get rid of. Don’t buy a whole lot of newborn-sized things, either. A lot of babies are too big from the start to fit into them, and even if they do fit, they won’t for more than a month. Make sure you aren’t spending a lot of money on things your baby won’t even need for very long.

2. Nappies

For nappies, you really have two options: cloth or disposable. Which one you pick will largely depend on both your parenting style and your budget. Cloth nappies might be a bit more expensive at first, because you are going to need to buy several, and each individual nappy tends to be about the same cost-wise as an entire pack of disposable nappies; however, if you can invest the little extra at the beginning, you won’t have to spend any more money on them (aside from the slight extra cost of water to wash them, but if you’re already washing your clothes, then it won’t be a big deal). Disposables, on the other hand, are much easier to deal with, but the price racks up very quickly as you constantly have to buy more and more of them.  However, at BB4BM we know this and are always on the lookout for the best nappy bargains - see our nappy tracker page for the best deal currently available.

3. Bottles/Formula

There is one way to drastically cut down the price for feeding your baby: breastfeeding. This option isn’t for everyone, however, and that’s perfectly fine! If you do opt for breast-feeding, be aware that you are still going to want to purchase a few bottles as well as a breast pump - especially if you are planning on working! Breast pumps can be pretty pricey, but you are going to want one that works well, is comfortable, and is easy to put together. If you don’t want to breastfeed, some of the best ways to save money is to look for local NCT nearly-new sales, or again, local charity shops.  These are the best places to get bottles and unused cans of formula for your baby at the best prices. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to need several bottles, but don’t worry about all the extra stuff most department stores will promise you that you need. Bottle-brushes, bottle-drying racks, etc. are just not necessary!

4. Bed

Co-sleeping is a hot topic for debate right now, but rest assured that you will need some place to lay your baby down, even if they do sleep with you at night. Babies sleep a lot, and it won’t always be when you are sleepy. Purchasing a travel cot is going to be your best option. Why? Cribs are nice, pretty, and sturdy, but cribs are expensive, and they seem to stick around in your house for years! A travel cot is often easily broken-down and portable. You can take it to your friends’ houses, the park, etc. Plus, you can easily move it to any room in your house. Travel cots are much, much cheaper than regular cribs, too, and if you have a comfy mattress, it’ll be just as easy and pleasant for your child to sleep in it.

5. Bath-time

In the words of my own mum, “All you need to give a child a bath is water, a sink, a rag, and soap.” I followed her advice, and I saved so much money in comparison to some of my friends. You don’t need some contraption to put your baby on while you bathe them. You don’t need expensive, baby-friendly soap. Babies do have sensitive skin, but Dove soap has a scent-free, dye-free, hypoallergenic soap that I have used for myself and my son his entire life. Most baby bath products are super expensive, and there is simply no reason to shell out so much money when you don’t need to – unless of course there is a medical reason.

6. Lotion

Babies’ skin is super sensitive, and most tend to be more prone to dry skin than adults. Forego the thought of buying baby-specific lotion. Companies push up those prices with promises of it being better for your baby, more tempered to their specific needs, etc. When you buy things of that nature, you are buying the name, not necessarily a superior product.  A basic, own brand moisturising lotion from Boots is more than sufficient.  Remember to buy this in bulk as you will never have enough!

7. Car Seat

Unfortunately, car seats for babies are not something you really want to skimp on as far as cost goes!  However, if do want to save money and buy second-hand, the advice is that you should know the person from which you are buying it from so you know its history. Car seats are vital to your child’s safety, and you want to ensure it is in like-new condition. Places like Tesco and Halfords sell their own brand model of car seats at reasonable prices and these shops often run voucher codes so you can get an extra discount.  Our community is always on the lookout for these discount codes, so keep an eye out in our facebook group.


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