Our Guide to Saving Money by Making Money!

Here at BB4BM our passion is to save you money, get you more for less and make sure you are getting the most for your money.  So we've been thinking about some quick wins to save you money, by earning you money.  We've even road tested some of them for you ourselves so we can give you our honest feedback of the pros and cons of each one;

Mystery Shopping

Money for Mystery ShoppingDo you go shopping? If so, you're in.  Simple.  Mystery shopping is going on everywhere right now.  You don't need sunglasses and a big trench coat, you just need to be the average shopper with some time on your hands and the ability to complete a basic feedback form once you've finished.

Mystery shopping covers everything from meals out and buying clothes to staying in hotels, making phone calls and even reading emails.  Once you are accepted by a company, you pick what assignments you would like to do and off you go.  When you have done your 'shop' you fill your feedback in and answer some brief questions.  Once your report is submitted they will give you your expenses back or money for your time to undertake the 'shop'.  If you are lucky, some even give both.

  • Pros - Paid for doing what most of us do anyway.  You can pick and choose what you do and there's no minimum.  You get to keep what you buy.
  • Cons - Waiting for expenses to be paid back can take some time.  Some assignments are harder than others, but this generally reflects in the payment you get.  Reports can be long depending on the shop but this is also often reflected with how much you are paid.

If you are interested in learning more or joining, here are two companies that we recommend;


Get Paid For Doing Online Surveys

rewards from online surveysGot some free time? How about using it to fill in some surveys.  Some take just a few minutes and they earn you points, money or vouchers.  We have listed a few options below that we think are worth trying.

  • Pros - These surveys often only take minutes and doing just one a day can soon build up your points and chances to win over the month.
  • Cons -  Often you have to reach a set threshold to receive your benefit, but this just means that you need to be committed once you start.

GFK Media View

A company that just wants your opinion for watching TV - if you have heard of googlbox, it’s the same concept, but you don’t get filmed for giving your opinion!  In return you are in with a 97% chance of winning vouchers, it's as easy as that.  The more surveys you do, the higher your chance is of winning.  Vouchers are for a range of companies, but include big names such as Boots and Amazon, with voucher values ranging from £2 to £500.  Join up here

What I Say and Do

Join a panel of thousands to give your opinions on how you interact with products. This information is then used for product development - to make products better.  Topics include mobile phones, games and internet. Each month there is a prize draw for £12,600 worth of prizes in return for your opinions.  Join up here

Liquid Opinions 

This one's simple.  Join a research panel, earn points which can be redeemed for cash.  You can do online surveys, face to face and online focus groups. 1 point equals 1 penny, so 50 points will be 50 pence and 300 points will be £3.  Join up here


Weigh In Old Clothes For Cash

Clothes for cash - just bag them upWhen was the last time you gave your families wardrobes a good clear out?  Do you have bags of clothes in the loft?  If so, you're sitting on money!

All over the country there are companies that offer cash for clothes.  It's something else that is so easy to do - just Google 'clothes for cash' with your city name added afterwards to find your nearest one.  Go through your clothes and bag them up, weigh them in at the local branch and you can walk out with cash in your hand!

Different companies accept different things, with some only taking shoes and coats, but others paying good money for your old bedding, curtains and cushions!

  • Pros - It's such an easy process and a perfect opportunity to have a good clear out - without just sending things to the landfill.
  • Cons - You are likely to get a set pence per kilo rate, but it does add up. 

Note that they will check what you take so don't add anything you shouldn't!

An example of a national company that has branches all over the UK is www.cashforclothes.uk.com - just use their 'store locator' to find the closest branch.


Cash Or Vouchers For Old Mobile Phones

selling your mobile for cashSearch those draws, the cupboard with 'junk' in and under the sofa, you could be sitting on 100's of pounds and didn't even know it.  You may know that you can get cash for selling your old mobile phone, but did you know you can get shopping vouchers of greater value instead?

There are loads of companies desperate to take that old brick of a phone off your hands and give you money in exchange.  This is such a simple thing to do.  Go onto one of the sites (listed below), put your phone make and model in and bingo, they'll make you an offer.

Often they will offer you a cash value, but then they will usually beat that with a better offer if you choose vouchers for shops such as Argos.  If you are happy with what is on offer, you just agree and they send you an envelope for you to send the phone to them.  They check it, you get paid.  Easy peasy.

  • Pros - Such an easy way to earn some money and it's a very quick process.  Go for vouchers as you will get more value back for your phone.
  • Cons - Sometimes on inspecting your phone they will come back and give you a lower price, but you can at that point choose to just have the mobile sent back to you.

Some of your choices, in order of who we would recommend;


Box Up Your Games, CDs & DVDs To Swap For Cash

box up games and dvds for cashDo you have a bookshelf or a CD rack full of CDs, Games and DVDs that have now become ornaments rather than the purpose they were made for?  Would you really miss them if they were gone?  If the answer is no, it's time to swap them for cash!

In order to maximise the money you get for your previously cherished albums, films and games, we recommend that you don’t just go with the first online site you come to, you should compare at least two different companies to understand which values your items more. 

The process is simple as you can either take a photo of the barcode or type in the numbers under the barcode.  The site will then look up the item, confirm its details and then gives you a running total.  After you go with the company that give you the most for your items, they send you a box to fill you send it away with free P&P.  Within a few days they'll receive, check the items and pay what is due.

  • Pros - There's no point collecting CDs anymore and that Peter Andre single really isn't going to be played again, so why not get paid to get rid.
  • Cons - Unlike with mobile phones the values tend to be small, but can add up if you a have box full.  Remember that it's better to be money in your pocket rather than sitting on the side collecting dust!

Some of your choices;
www.zapper.co.uk (these do books too)


Online Selling Of Past Cherished Items

sell online to make moneyIf you've not touched an item for a year, do you really still need it? If the answer is no, then why keep it?  How about selling it to someone who really does want that thing collecting dust in your attic. 

The nice thing about selling online is that once listed, you can then just sit back and see who wants to give you money for something you don't use and had forgotten you even had!

Stuck where to start?  Here are a few options you have, with their pros and cons;


The biggest and best known.  You just go to eBay.co.uk and set yourself up an account, it really only takes a few minutes.  Take some jazzy pictures of what you'd like to sell (this can be done directly on your phone), write a brief description about it with honesty being the key - as if it's got a crack say it's got a crack or you may find it back in your attic a week later!.  Decide a starting price and how long you want the auction to run for and then list it!

Note - We would recommend you also sign up to PayPal as then get protection should anything go wrong when listing your items.

  • Pros - It's simple, quick and doesn't cost a lot to list items.  At numerous times throughout the year eBay even offer free listing weekends - but you have to be signed up in the first place to get notified of these!  The eBay audience is huge so you have a good chance of getting the best price for your item.
  • Cons - It's natural to get attached to some items and you may find yourself putting a reserve amount.  If it then doesn't sell, you have to then be honest with yourself and do some research to understand what an item is really worth - as generally it is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it. 

Click here to go to eBay and start now.


Much like eBay, but this is totally FREE to list on most sections! No charges for listing or selling.  It's also a lot easier to be area specific as people buy and collect off this site.  Like with eBay, you take a picture, load it up and write in the relevant details to get it listed in just a few steps.  You can choose to be emailed or called by interested people.  Find a buyer, arrange a time for them to collect and swap your item for cash without having to leave your home.

  • Pros - Free - no charges for most items!  As most items are collected you won't need to arrange packaging and postage.  As it's often local you can get items sold and gone on the same day.
  • Cons - Meeting someone you don't know!  Make sure someone else is there if you arrange for them to collect from your home or agree collection in a public place.  Be prepared for some timewaster's who may not show up!

Go to Gumtree


Just like Gumtree it's a totally free local classified ads site.  They also have a blog and competitions.  Like eBay and Gumtree you will need to register your details and upload a photo or two, but it is as simple as that!  Buyers will go onto the site and search for what they are after and contact sellers.  Items are broken down into 10 main categories.  They even cover tradesmen.

  • Pros - Like Gumtree this is totally free! The site has lots of other things to offer other than just buying and selling. 
  • Cons - No auctioning - just fixed priced listings.  Also, on the same lines as Gumtree, meeting someone you do not know is a scary thought so make sure you do it safely somewhere public or with a friend.

Go to PreLoved

Amazon Marketplace

Everyone knows Amazon, right?  Well now is your turn to tap into their audience, by selling new, used, refurbished and collectables alongside their new items.  This means it's viewable to their whole audience.  There's no auction here - you list your item and price, it gets bought and Amazon pay into your Seller Account, and then into your bank account within 14 days.

  • Pros - You get access to the huge Amazon audience.  Paid into your bank within 14 days.
  • Cons - You must have a bank account that you are prepared to link to your Amazon account.

Go to Amazon Marketplace


Cash-Back On Every Day Purchases

get cashback on purchasesGet money back for some of those things that have on your wishlist to buy... Yes that's right, stop, wait a minute, before you spend £50 on that thing you really need want, could you actually get money back once it's bought?  Let's see.

Firstly, join one or more of the big cashback sites (listed below).  Then when you are about to buy from an online shop, just search the cashback sites to see if they have the shop listed.  If so, use their link to go to the online store and then make the purchase. Once the purchase is confirmed you will get some money back into your cashback account. You can then choose to transfer the money back into your bank account when it reaches a threshold - which is usually around £5. It's a great way to get products cheaper or build up a little nest egg to withdraw at some time in the future.

  • Pros - Get money off/back for something you were going to buy anyway.
  • Cons - Sometimes it can take a while to get the money into your account, so be sure to check lead times.  Some consider it a bit of a hassle to check the cash-back sites before making a purchase of anything - especially for those of you that make impulse buys.

These are two of the biggest players in the Cashback world, but others can be found if you do a google for 'cashback sites';



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