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Product being reviewed: Selfie Clothing Co
Date of review: 20-11-2015
Michele Severn-Smith

Selfie Clothing co logoBrief Company blurb:  “A new way of creating Selfie bespoke fashion that's personal to you and your memories.

A Bespoke Chirstmas Present For A Child

As a mother of 5, with the last 2 boys very close in age finding Christmas presents for them is a nightmare without duplicating. So when I was asked to Review a top from Selfie I absolutely jumped at the chance.

My 3 year old loves looking at himself be it on camera, film, photos or just the mirror he is fascinated with seeing himself and finds it magical so he was the perfect choice. I sent of a couple of full face photos and waited for the postman to deliver their choice.

I was surprised at the delivery speed and I must say their choice of designs were fantastic.  They arrived via special delivery which I love as there is no risk of losing in the post. Once I unraveled the packaging I found an attractive box and was very excited to see the finished result.  The box was sealed with a black label bearing the Selfie clothing logo and brand again making it seem very special, once I had opened that box I found there was a wrapping of printed paper hiding my tops again another special touch I adored. Finally I unraveled my surprise top and discovered not 1 but 2 tops to review, and they were packaged and presented to show the pictures perfectly.

My child has just turned 3 and for safety as I was unsure of sizing I ordered 4-5, as he usually wears some 2-3 but mainly 3-4 from most retailers but I have found personalised gifts to be on the small side so travelled on the side of caution. 

The tops are fantastic quality with a tone of colouring I love, they are not to bright so they don't look garish and loud, and they also have printing on the sleeves and on the back.  

There is a black label on the bottom that shows the Selfie name and on the inside has the washing etc instructions. The sizing is very generous but I like the look of the baggy effect and once the sleeves are rolled once it fit lovely.  Although now i have ordered I think I would stick to the correct age sizing for future orders.

The first top had a Snowman theme with the wording SNOWMAN Selfie under the picture the quality was brilliant with the positioning being perfect to make it look like he had a carrot as a nose and a top hat on, with a surrounding of Holly, Robins, Presents and Christmas themed trims making a frame the overall effect was very pleasing, it has a matt effect as it's not a transfer but actually printed into the top.

The second top had a Elf Theme and the wording ELFIE selfie under a picture of him with an elf hat and large ears, again brilliantly positioned.  With a surround of more Christmas themed pictures the overall look again is wonderful. 

Selfie Clothing Co box

Selfie of an elf - on a top

Selfie of a snowman - on a top

Selfie top with snowman design being modelledSelfie top with elf design being modelled


The Overall BB4BM Verdict

 - 4/5 STARS - A THUMBS UP! -
My son was absolutely fascinated at seeing his face on clothing, he thought it was the 'bee's knees'. The quality of the tops are fantastic with excellent stitching, placement and design.  They would make wonderful gifts and can be treasured for years to come with their photo forever printed to see.  The only slight disappointment is the limited sizing offered for children, with it starting at aged 2-3 and only going up to aged 6-8 - as I would have loved to have had the option of buying for both the younger and older children in the family as well. I think these are worth the money and make the perfect gift for children as they will find it magical to see their face printed on clothing. With their unisex designs they would look great on girls or boys.  

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