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Date of review: 17-01-2016
Reviewer:  Kirsty Grant

Character Linens logoBrief Company blurb:   “A family run business - helping to create dream bedrooms.

Bedroom Textiles - Featuring Disney Characters

We all know how pricey branded goods can be that feature popular children's characters, so we all like a to hunt out a good bargain when it comes to these types of products, but we never want to skimp on quality. 

I had never heard of CharacterLinens, so being asked to review some of their items sounded like a great opportunity to find out if this would be a site that could give the best of both worlds regarding price and quality - or if it was just another cheap online shop promising the world and delivering sub-standard products!

What I Got in the Box;

My parcel consisted of a Star Wars cushion, a Paw Patrol fleece blanket and a reversible Frozen single duvet cover.

Product items in the box from CharacterLines

My daughter was very excited when the parcel came, as you can imagine she is an avid frozen fan being 3 years of age. The parcel was a postage bag; inside, the cushion was inside its own clear bag to keep it clean, the fleece had its standard cardboard wrap on it and the duvet was in a sealed bag as you would expect. 

The 1st item: The Star Wars cushion

I have to be honest this is probably my least favourite of the three items. The material didn't make me want to 'snuggle down and rest my weary head' on it. Also, with a cushion i would prefer those with a zip fastening so that the cover could be removed and washed. Especially with a children's cushion, although maybe being star wars, there is a slightly older target audience than the messier younger children. The final point that sealed my opinion on this cushion was the stitching; the edge where the cushion had been inserted and therefore sewn in a different fashion to the other three sides, was messy and as it had not had a complete back stitch on one end, was starting to unravel. The image print however on the cushion itself was very vibrant and a good quality image, sadly the finish and feel to the product did not meet the same quality. 

Star Wars Cushion

The 2nd item: The Paw Patrol fleece blanket

Now that the weather has turned, my daughter loves cuddling up on the sofa and watching a movie under her duvet. So when she saw the blanket she was very excited to try it out. The packaging was bright and clearly stated which character from Paw Patrol was on the blanket. My pet hate with fleece blankets is when they make everything static, however i was very pleased that this was not one of those blankets. The material was incredibly soft and my daughter has told me that its 'all warm and cosy'. Overall i am very happy with this product and i would buy another fleece from this company.  

Paw Patrol Fleece Blanket

The 3rd Item: The revisable Frozen duvet cover

Definitely the best item in my daughters opinion, although i think she may be a bit biased because of the characters. I followed the care guides and washed the item on my normal wash, tumble dried and ironed it. The cover, which was a little rough when first out of the packaging, was now nice soft and inviting. I sometimes find with duvet covers that they are about an inch too long, so you spend forever getting the duvet right at the top of the cover. Then, by the next morning, you have no duvet at the top inch of your covers and you only have a thin section of linen covering your shoulders and in this cold, no-one likes to see that happen. So, as i put the cover onto my daughters duvet i waited with anticipation to see if this would be one of those duvet covers, hooray, it wasn't! I could barely contain my happiness, well i am a mother, these small things make our days all the sweeter. Anyway, i diverse, the cover fit my duvet perfectly, and the added bonus of the cover being reversible means my daughter can pick which design she wants each night. The only negative I could find with this product was that the image was slightly pixelated in places, but not enough to make me dislike the product. Overall i am very happy with this product, it launders well, fits perfectly and feels soft to the touch.

Frozen Duvet Cover

















The Overall BB4BM Verdict

 - 4/5 STARS - A THUMBS UP! -
There was a couple of issues with the finish or printing on some pieces, now these could have been items that had slipped through quality control and i am still more than happy to use the items and have them out for people to see, so therefore, my overall verdict is that these are good products and I would definitely order items produced by this company in the future. I would also recommend this company to a friend if they were looking for an item such as the ones this company produces.  

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