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We all like a clean house, but with so many products out there and some big name brands that pull you in, what is the best product to use? A lot of this comes down to personal preference, what smells do you prefer, natural or chemical based, etc. I was given the opportunity to test out a few of the products from the Astonish range, a name that is quickly becoming more and more well known amongst the bigger names. 

What was in the box?

  • Descaler
  • Oven cleaner
  • Leather cleaner
  • White booster tabs
  • Tile and grout
  • Car shine

DescalerKettle before and after

I usually use white vinegar to descale my kettle, which although it does a great job it smells horrendous so I was happy to try a proper descaling product. The solution fizzes on activation so you know its working, when this fizzing stops it can be cleared out. I did think the cap could use a 50ml measuring mark on it as this is the recommended dosage. The instructions were straightforward and easy to read. My kettle did need two tries to clean up but it was heavily scaled previously so I think on regular descale this would be much better and less smelly than my usual vinegar route!

Oven CleanerBefore after oven

Everyone loves a sparkling clean oven, but it never lasts long so a good spray is essential to get the baked on muck off. I thought the spray nozzle wasn’t great. I felt like I wanted to get a cloth and smear it all to make sure it was covered, whereas other products I’ve used have had a wide spray or foamed. This seemed more like a liquid pressurised dribble than a spray from the bottle. It did work very well and did what it said on the bottle. It held up well to my usual leading brand product. 


Leather Cleaner

I loved this one, it took a bit of work but it was worth it. With 2 children under 5 a leather sofa is a must. The ease of wipe clean with a leather sofa is invaluable, but in turn a leather sofa does show every mark so it does need more frequent cleaning. The leather wipes you can get are quick and easy but obviously not as good as a deep clean. The astonish leather cleaner was easy to use, simply wipe on with a cloth like you would clean a shoe and by the time you’ve applied to the whole sofa it’s ready to be wiped off. Once I’d wiped it off I gave it a quick buff with a microfiber cloth and it looks great, and feels really smooth. It took around 30 minutes to do as opposed to 10 minutes with wipes but was well worth the extra effort.

Car Shine

Car Shine

My partner is the car washer in our house so I gave him the task of trying this one out. He did mention that the smell wasn’t that pleasant compared to other quick detailing sprays he has used. It was very easy to apply and remove.  It gave a good overall shine but didn’t bead quite as well as a premium wax does - but for those products you are talking a significant investment!


White Booster Tablets

I usually use vanish white on all my whites and being a leading brand I assumed it was the most effective out there for both stain removal and a white boost. Children’s whites don’t last long before a mark appears and with my work attire being white tops, a good white boost in a wash is essential.  I have to say I’m definitely converted to astonish here, the results after just one wash were amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take a before and after photo here but there really was a noticeable difference after just one wash with one tablet in. Simply put a tablet in the drum and then load your washer as usual. A definite must for my whites from now on. 

before after tiles

Tile and Grout

Now I wasn’t too impressed with this. I didn’t notice a massive difference to be honest and the fact it advises not to have contact with rubber when most baths are sealed with rubber around the tiles was a bit worrying. I didn’t want to have to reseal my tub after cleaning my tiles. Correction edit: It's not rubber around the bath it's silicone - so no actual worries there, it is safe to use!  But due to there not being a massive visble difference this is still probably a no from me on this product.


The Overall BB4BM Verdict


Overall I was pretty impressed with the Astonish range, all the instructions were easy to follow and overall gave a good result (with the one exception being the tile and grout product). However, I would definitely use Astonish again!

Your Opinion?

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