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Approved Food - 1st Food batch

How many of you will eat food in your cupboard that is past its best before date? You know its still perfectly fine to eat, especially when it comes down to crisps and bolognese sauce. But high Street stores will bin anything that is past its best before date. So Approved foods have snuck into the niche in the market and sell all of these products that are past this date but still perfectly fit for human a reduced price. We all love saving money where ever we can on material products, so why shouldn't we do the same with food.

I've heard about approved food for a few years now but always worried about if the food would taste stale so never actually ordered. I suppose it is one thing to eat past date food if you've already bought it and its in your cupboard but its another thing to actually purposefully buy food that you know is very near or past its best before.


Approved Food - 2nd Food batch So I took the plunge and ordered a range of items to see how they would taste. The ordering process is very easy and the more of a product you buy - the cheaper they become. All of the products have their best before date clearly stated on the screen for you to see. There is a huge range of products to choose from; from the packet products you would expect to find, crisps, snack bars, chocolates, to household cleaning products and even fresh vegetables. There is also a £1 lucky dip box, so you will get a surprise box of goodies, and for £1 I thought it had to be worth it.


The parcel came via signed for delivery, one large exterior box with smaller individual boxes inside. Any cleaning products were inside sealed bags in case of leakage in transit, and any glass jars were wrapped in bubble wrap. 

Products with Savings

So what was in my box, here is what i ordered along with the saving and the approved food price;

weight watchers crisps 6pack x 6 COST £1.00 SAVINGS £8.00
Bisto gravy sachets x3 COST £0.99 SAVINGS £1.86
Frootz apple drops case of 16 COST £2.99 SAVINGS £4.21
Diet coke cans 9pack COST £2.49 SAVINGS £1.26
Cadbury fudge 5pack x 2 COST £1.50 SAVINGS £0.50
Maryland cookies x2 COST £1.00 SAVINGS £0.78
Sutton flavoured water 500ml x 3 COST £1.20 SAVINGS £0.87
Farmela rice pudding can x 2 COST £1.50 SAVINGS £0.48
Nestle kitkat chunky x 4 COST £1.32 SAVINGS £1.08
Golden Wonder prawn cocktail crisps x 6 COST £0.99 SAVINGS £1.35
Golden Wonder bbq saucers x 5 COST £1.00 SAVINGS £1.50
Special K bard 6 pack x 2 COST £1.00 SAVINGS £4.38
Ragu chunky bolognese sauce COST £1.00 SAVINGS £0.99
Bonners chicken in white sauce can COST £0.99 SAVINGS £0.76
Zoflora disinfectant COST £0.99 SAVINGS £0.16
Astonish mould and mildew remover COST £0.99 SAVINGS £0.30
Bloo toilet cleaner COST £1.00 SAVINGS £0.60
Old el paso enchilada kit COST £0.99 SAVINGS £2.20
Walkers salt and sweety popcorn x4 COST £1.00 SAVINGS £6.00
Picnic wild pink salmon COST £1.49 SAVINGS £1.50
Fresh ginger COST £0.45 SAVINGS £0.54
Lucky dip box COST £1.00 SAVINGS £3.99

So to total all that up my basket should have cost £79.19 and i paid £29.87, a saving of £49.32!

The 'Lucky Dip Box'Approved Food - Lucky Dip pack contents

Well, the lucky dip box was bursting! I couldn't believe how much there was inside the box which only cost £1!  In the box there was;

2x maggi noodles, 1x chinese noodles, 1x tikka sauce, 1x jerk sauce, 1 x garlic paste, 1x alpro rice milk, 1x hint of mustard hellmans mayo, 1 x tictacs, 1 x organix crisps, 1x kettle crisps, 2x flapjack bars, 1 x chocolate marzipan bar


The only issue was that the organic crisps, the packet had popped, this could have been down to the box being a tad too fill so they'd popped in transit, but for the cost of the box i won't complain about one item being 'faulty'.


The Overall BB4BM Verdict

 - 4/5 STARS - A THUMBS UP! -
So the savings were great but obviously the main thing is did it all still taste as good? I have just got through trying at least a bit of every item and everything has tasted just as it should do - with no complaints over any of it. 

I would definitely order from Approved Foods again, it was so easy to order and such amazing savings i'd be crazy not to. This will definitely be a company i will be telling all my friends and family about. 

Your Opinion?

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