The Pros and Cons of Being a Mum...

Pros and Cons of being a mumMums are a eclectic, colourful bunch.  We bring to the table different careers, personalities, cultures, experiences, and creativity.  No two mums are alike, but we do share the similar joys of motherhood, as well as those occasional frustrations that come with being a parent.  From our children's first words to their first meltdown in the supermarket, being a mum will always come with its pros and cons. 

We have to accept the good with the not-so-great, and both sides present vital opportunities for us to learn and grow as mums.  To help embrace the importance of both in our lives, here are some of today's pros and cons of being a mum.

Mums Are Financially Savvy

The rumours are true.  No one can find a bargain like us mums, and it's this budget savviness that helps keep many households on the right financial track.  Handling household finances is not an easy task, and mums are essentially the bookkeeper of their homes.  Financial responsibility skyrockets when you become a mum, so couponing, bargain hunting, subscribing to bargain alerts, and bookmarking the latest sale events are integral to being a mum in today's economy.    

While Motherhood may signal the end of impulse buying and living outside one's means, saving big on food, school expenses, kids clothes, household repairs, and transportation throughout the year helps create more room for quality family time and fun holidays.

This article from also confirms that more mums are now opting to start up their own businesses in order to beat the high cost of childcare - so having children is proving to be a push for all the budding entrepreneurial women!

Striving To Lead A Healthier Life

Can being a mum actually make you physically healthier?  According to a global online poll conducted by, of the 20,000 mums surveyed, almost half of the participants revealed that they made strides to eliminate unhealthy habits after becoming parents.  Over 55% to 83% of women polled said they recognised the need to improve on exercise, healthy cooking, safe driving, and even mental health.

While this poll suggests that women show a greater desire to live healthier since becoming mothers, over 60% of women still confirmed a continued issue with stress and motherhood.  Considering both these revelations, it's more important than ever for women to recognise when their stress is taking a serious physical and mental toll.

Mums Are Sharper After Giving Birth

It may be hard to imagine that having children can actually make you smarter, after experiencing the exhaustion of chasing your toddler all over the house.  But according to Pulitzer Prizing Winning journalist and author, Katherine Ellison, having children may have a positive impact on intelligence.  She was inspired to write on this subject by a unique research study that revealed mother rats had impressive increased memory capacity and learning skills.

But Ellison's work takes this point to a new level by highlighting five specific areas where mums may show increased improvement after giving birth.  Ellison points out, via research of a wide variety of animal species, that mums show marked improvement in areas such as emotional intelligence and strength, self-motivation, and problem solving skills after giving birth.

What do you think of Ellison's point?

We know busy mums are quick, resourceful, and logical, and show remarkable focus, creativity, and organizational attributes essential for successful business development.   Skills learned from being a mum can be readily applied to small business retail, online businesses, bargain resource guides, apps and more. 

Today's Momtreprenuers and bloggers are taking their real experiences, and skills learned, as mums and turning them into marketable and profitable ideas.  This kind of entrepreneurship has had an unbelievable impact on the retail industry for decades!

Improved Self-Awareness

When a woman gives birth a mirror goes up.  As Mums, we are the very first image and example of what a woman is to their baby girl or boy.  While scary at first, we do have a unique opportunity to inspire and nurture young minds through education, play, balanced meals, saving money, and creativity.  Throughout this process, we learn more about ourselves as everyday teachers and human beings.  Teaching such important lessons as sharing, recognising emotions, social skills, and communication can improve us as people too.

We can learn a lot from our kids, and that's one of the most important "pros" of being a mum.  But being a mum doesn't come without those bumps in the road.  These cons are just as vital as the perks of motherhood, and it's how we deal with them that makes us stronger as parents and people.

The Cons of Being a Mum:  Not Making Time For Yourself and How To Fix It

All mums can relate to this one.  Whether you're a career mum, stay-at-home parent, or a single working mother, the potential is so great for completely abandoning time for yourself.  "Me" moments feel few and far between, but that time is precious and important for both you and your child's personal development.  Nurturing your own skills and interests can only help you improve as a parent and an adult. 

Children are sponges.  We see it everyday in how they mimic our own daily routines and the things we say (and shouldn't say).  Knowing that mum takes positive time for herself to read, paint, build, or write, could even inspire a child to take an interest in pursuing their own hobbies.

It's important to find that happy medium of being a mum and being an individual.  We know the majority of time is spent parenting and running a household, so finding real alone time is sparse.  But the good news is that you can still enjoy that individual time with your children happily in tow. 

For starters, it's always good to leave the house when you can.  Cabin fever is frustrating and leads to stress, so keep the kids entertained by going to family-friendly businesses you also enjoy yourself, like certain shops, play areas, and restaurants that cater to children and mums like you.  With the kids having fun, you can focus on spending time with friends or yourself, while still keeping a watchful eye on your children.

Sleepless Nights

We can't talk about parenting cons without mentioning the utter lack of sleep.  Sleep deprivation statistics vary globally, but on average mums can lose anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours of sleep each night.  This can manifest itself in a variety of sleep patterns, like sleepless nights sprinkled with multiple quick naps throughout the day. 

Sleep deprivation easily affects one's mood, and extreme sleep deprivation can even lead to medical conditions like depression.  It's important to listen to your body, and recognise the negative impact of sleep deprivation early so you can talk to your doctor about a healthy plan of action.

Your Decision?

Being a mum brings an insurmountable amount of joy and work that only parents can understand.  Whether you're considering becoming a mum or already on your third baby, consider the pros and cons to help you continue to make great decisions for you and your family.


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