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Choose £10,000 or Daily Convenience?

We all favour convenience in our busy schedules during the week, so why does it hurt spending a relatively reserved £4 a day on lunch, with a couple of coffees at £1 each and another £1.50 for some snacks - you deserve it! ..It is only £7.50 a day... only £1,800 a year... and after less than 6 years, its only £10,000(!)

If both you and your partner do the same, you can do the math.  Although making your own lunch and buying jars of coffee will still cost you money, if you can just half your daily spend, think of all those bargains your could buy over the next 6 years with another £5,000 in your pocket.

Special Note: If you just HAVE TO get your coffee fix at Starbucks at least once in a while, then why not take a look at this post on the MoneySavingExpert forum for the secret drinks that you can order to save you money i.e. a 'drip', a 'short' and a 'misto' - enjoy!

Use Supermarket Loyalty Cards?

According to research done in August last year, surprisingly people seem to be using their loyalty cards less!  Surely everyone knows that using a high street loyalty card can save you money in the shops that you regularly spend your money in?  For the less informed, most of the major supermarkets and other retailers issue these FREE cards where you collect points to be used off your next spend with them.

Our favourite is the Tesco Club Card, where they offer one point for every £1 spent in-store or online.  Every point is worth 1p of Tesco vouchers.   If you spent £50 a week at Tesco over a year you would get back £26 worth of ClubCard vouchers.  Then save these until their 'ClubCard Boost' promotion where by these vouchers can be doubled and used in different departments.  You can even use them for days out at attractions such as the Sealife centre and hey presto there's a family day out paid for just by doing your normal weekly food shop!  The Nectar card (Sainsburys and Homebase) and the Boot's Advantage card also come highly recommended by BB4BM!

Plan ahead, make a food shopping list and STICK TO IT!

It's a given that most of us love to shop for 'treats' - whatever form they may take - but do we love the weekly grocery shop as much? A lot of us just want to get it out of the way, but if you are not strict and do not pay attention to what you need and instead choose things that the supermarkets make you think that you need - you are in trouble.

It's been estimated that we throw out around £500 of food per household every year.  Supermarkets even include in their business models the 'impulse purchases', purchases that ultimately we don't need to make but we do because they tempt us with clever marketing techniques, e.g.  we all know of the food that we kept in the fridge for a week and then its out of date, so it's thrown away.. So next time before you go shopping follow these two important tips and the amount you save might surprise you!

  • Dust off the cookery books, check what you actually have in the cupboards and freezer, and plan what you are going to eat that week.  You then know what food you need and just put that on the shopping list of what you should buy.
  • Don't go on an empty stomach, make sure you've eaten before you go, you'll be surprised how much more food you pick up if you're hungry.
  • Ultimately, you need to have the right mindset before going shopping, don't 'just see what is there', be regimented - plan it with your list, don't get distracted by other products, get what you need and save yourself some money!

It's estimated that by sticking to a list you save £20 on each weekly food shop, which over a year is £1,040, thus a second hand car or even a family holiday!


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