Featured Parent Blogger #1 - Interview with Vicki Psarias


A Great Starting Point - The Force Behind 'Honestmum.com'

We thought there was no better way to start off this new feature than to interview the owner of a parenting site (honestmum.com) that is recognised as being in the top 5% of all blogs worldwide!  Vicki has a great energy about her and with a social following of over 90,000 people, you could consider her as a popular figure in the online parenting community!

It was to a real pleasure to interview Vicki and we were hugely honored that she wanted to return the favour and interview both me and Jody for her site (look out for that appearing on her site soon...)


Describe what your perfect day would look like?

Ideally a day by the Yorkshire coast, an hour or so from where we live, my kids making sandcastles, the sun on our cheeks and the sound of the sea in our ears... The simple pleasures. 

Who have been your main role models and what do you admire most about them?

My mum and dad are my role models, they are incredibly inspiring people. My Mum is a former University Lecturer, my father an Entrepreneur. That mix of academia with business and taking risks has truly affected my own work both as a filmmaker and now, predominantly as a writer and digital influencer.

What's the best bargain you have ever purchased and what would be your top money saving tip?

I absolutely love a bargain, particularly when it comes to my big love: clothes. Shopping in second hand boutiques or charity shops, especially in London has led to some awesome discoveries from designer to vintage fare. I spotted a vintage poppy red Jaeger dress with gold buttons in Oxfam in Harrogate a few years ago I love, and I adore The Dresser in London for designer pre-loved pieces at seriously good prices. My brother loves to bring back US brands from trips to America too which are much cheaper than over here and we adore discount shopping outlets here for bargains for all the family.  

What are the best and worst decisions that you have ever made?

Ooh what a tough question. I don't like to think of anything as a bad decision as I believe you learn more from your own mistakes than your successes....I do however, think doubting my gut when it came to feeling unwell in my first pregnancy and leaning on professionals above my own visceral instincts wasn't wise. If I had demanded the care I needed whilst on a high-risk ward when I was in labour and disbelieved, I could have saved myself an emergency c-section- so I suppose in that instance, I made a bad decision and should have been stronger. It is what it is though. Trust your gut, folks.

My greatest decisions have been marrying my husband, studying for an MA at Goldsmiths, University of London, working in the film industry and of course listening to one of my closest friends, the feature filmmaker Amancay Tapia who pestered me to start a blog whilst I was on maternity leave...the rest is history as they say!  It also goes without saying taking the decision to try and have kids and succeeding is number 1! 

From all the communities you are part of, which is the one that you cherish the most and why?

I love the community I'm in as a lifestyle and parenting blogger-on social media (twitter, instagram and FB) for example and also the community BritMums have nurtured and supported. They made me a finalist in their Brilliance in Blogging awards just 4 weeks after I started my blog Honest Mum in 2010- which helped me to feel confident at a time I was dealing with a traumatic birth, inspiring me to get directing again before going full time with my blog.

What’s the most interesting thing or person you have blogged about?

I adore my Wonderful Women section as I've interviewed so many great women there- from Anastacia, Alesha Dixon and Cerys Matthews MBE to gifted bloggers, entrepreneurs, authors and more. You can read these interviews here: http://honestmum.com/category/wonderful-women/

What is the best and worst thing about being your own boss?

The best thing is the freedom, to work flexibly and remotely, around my family in a stimulating way is wonderful. The worst is the internet never sleeps so I have to be strict on myself when it comes to switching off (literally)!

What in your life has given you the greatest satisfaction?

The greatest satisfaction for me has been becoming a mother-nothing compares. Because of my boys, I love unconditionally and feel happier and mostly more tired than ever! 

What’s your favourite topic to blog on and why?

Do I have to choose one? I think it has to be our personal family days out or holidays. Those give me the most pleasure. The hardest ones to write are always the most emotional pieces that matter the most because ideally they will help others who might relate.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

I always wanted to be a TV presenter-or failing that Kylie (!) as a kid. I love that part of my work as a blogger has meant presenting on TV, I love the buzz of it.



Vicki is founder and writer of one of the world's most popular lifestyle and parenting sites: Honest Mum (http://www.honestmum.com).

honestmum.com logoVicki is also a former award-winning Screenwriter and TV Director but can now often be found in front of the camera on TV or vlogging weekly over on YouTube.

Her online magazine features family life, food, fashion, beauty and travel with regular interviews with inspiring women from A-listers to brilliant bloggers


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