Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is a time for pumpkins, sweets and Trick-or-Treaters. It’s a time where we are all tempted to spend money on all of the seasonal items available in stores but these purchases can all add up. Don’t let Halloween break your budget, read our top tips so you can save money this Halloween.

Halloween Parties

Halloween Party GamesIf you’re hosting a Halloween party this year then the last thing you want to be doing is forking our loads of cash for a one day event. Homemade Halloween decorations are simple to make and will save you a fortune. Download free templates online in the shape of bats, ghosts and pumpkins. Print these out and hang them from ceilings, string them together to make bunting or attach them to your windows. Make a spider web using string and masking tape to stick it to your walls.  Get your kids involved too, they will love making decorations to make the house look frightful and it’s amazing how far some pens and paper will take you. The possibilities are endless and Pinterest have some great ideas. If you want to save money for upcoming years, make sure you save any decorations you make; these can be re-used in the future. Also don’t forget to check out the sales for next year. Enjoy substantial savings on costumes and decorations by shopping after Halloween is finished for use next year.

If you plan on having games at your party, then these can be created on a budget too. Fill a large bowl with cooked spaghetti and some red food colouring and hide different objects in the bowl. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and have children put their hands into the ‘worms’ to find different objects and try and guess what they are.  Supermarket branded spaghetti can be bought for around 20p and you can use objects that you already have around the house to make this a fun and inexpensive game.  Apple bobbing is also a budget game which has been popular at Halloween parties for generations. Pin the tail on the black cat can also be created on a budget and is a variation on the old classic. Simply draw or print off a silhouette of a black cat and cut off the tail. Use bluetac instead of a pin to make this safe for children of all ages. 

Halloween Food

Mummy Cake PopsDon’t give in to the gimmicks and range of Halloween themed treats in the supermarkets, you can just as easily make your own with food you already have at home saving you money. Packets of jelly that you make up can be bought for less than 60p and make a great Halloween dessert when filled with Halloween themed sweets. Pound shops often sell ‘eyeballs’ and ‘worms’ sweets which can be set into the jelly for a budget fun dish. Why not cover broken sweet pretzels in melted white chocolate to make spooky edible ‘bones’, you can pick up the ingredients from your local supermarket for less than £2. Decorate cupcakes with a spooky spider web design for another quick and cheap snack idea. Halloween cake pops are also a fun and cheap snack to make and you can make simple mummy themed ones by covering in white chocolate then drizzling stripes across them to look like bandages.


Halloween SkullThe key to a killer budget costume is one that doesn't take too much time, effort or money to put together. If you have your mind set on getting yourself or your children a complete costume then make sure you jump online for a good deal. Check out auction sites for some great deals on costumes and don’t forget to have a look on swap and sell pages and websites like Gumtree. Consider swapping last year’s costumes with friends and neighbours who have kids the same age as yours, they’ll both think they’ve got something new and you’ll save yourself the cash. If you want to be really thrifty this Halloween then why not create your own costumes? A simple white sheet with some holes cut out of it makes a great ghost outfit and you can use an old sheet that you have at home or pick one up for a couple of pounds from Primark. Other cheap home made outfits include zombies, just wear some old clothes and rip them a little bit and add fake blood for a more realistic look. Dressing up as a mummy couldn’t be simpler, just wrap up in toilet paper!  Don’t forget costumes don’t have to necessarily be scary, put together all sorts of outfits from what you already own.

Save Money When Trick-or-TreatingTrick or Treat Sweets

Trick-or-Treating is the perfect time to show off your cool costume and get yourself a stash of sweet treats. Trick-or-Treating is something that only lasts for a couple of hours so consider budget friendly alternatives to save you some cash. Don’t spend money on expensive treat bags and plastic tubs that come in the shape of a pumpkin for your child’s treats. Instead, use an old pillowcase or a bag you already have. You can use this as an opportunity to get creative or decorate it to match their costume. The chances are it will hold a lot more sweets than your standard shop bought treat bag anyway. Speaking of sweets, you can take all sweet treats off your shopping list the week after Halloween to save you a bit of money. You will more than likely be able to stock your cupboards with the full treat bag at the end of the evening. If you’re accepting Trick-or-Treaters to your door, instead of spending money on sweets why not bake some cupcakes or cookies to give the children.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe hope these tips will save you money so that the only thing that will spook you is your costume and not your bank balance. What great tips do you have to save money this Halloween?

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