The Top 15 Reasons To Shop at ALDI

Many people have never shopped at ALDI for various different reasons. Sometimes it is fear of the unknown. We’ve brought you 15 reasons to shop at ALDI which will hopefully encourage you to give it a go and save money on your weekly shop.

1. ALDI Super six

ALDI Super 6 ALDI super six consists of six fruit and vegetable items that are massively reduced for the duration of a week. Each week the super six changes, but in any case you can get fruit and veg produce for as little as 29p. You will pick up huge savings on your regular supermarket on these items and you won’t miss out on the quality. ALDI fruit and veg are fresh and are sourced when they are in season.

2. Gluten Free Food

If you’re a coeliac then you’ll know how expensive it is to buy gluten free products. ALDI have a huge range of own branded gluten free food and drinks that are a fraction of the price of well known supermarkets. ALDI have a 17 page list on their website of the available food and their own brand LiveGFree.

3. Specialist Diets

Not only do ALDI cater for coeliac diets, they also have a great range of products for people on specialist diets. If you are lactose intolerant, vegetarian or even vegan there is something for you. ALDI have an enormous range of meat free products which can be expensive and hard to find at other supermarkets, again at really low prices. A full list of these products is available on their website.

4. ALDI Beans

ALDI Baked BeansALDI beans are great value. If you filled your basket at ALDI with a  tin of kidney beans, chickpeas, butter beans and peas  it would cost you just £1.20 compared to £1.55 for supermarket value range, £2.20 for supermarket own brand, and £2.90 for the leading brand products. That’s a saving of over 50% on the leading brand which all adds up at the end of the shop. Don’t forget beans are great to fill out casseroles and stews to make your meat go further and save you even more money.


5. Spices

ALDI have a great range of herbs and spices, salts and peppers at fantastic prices. Their dried herbs and spices will cost you around 45p, that’s half the price of the ones available elsewhere. Pick up a sea salt grinder for just 85p in comparison to £2 in other supermarkets.

6. Alcohol

If you’re looking to stock up your alcohol cupboard then ALDI have quite the selection. Not only can you get a wide variety of wines starting at £2.99, you can get imitation spirits for cut prices. If you love Malibu, we think you will love ALDI’s own version for only £4.79. That’s a saving of nearly £10 on the regular brand.

7. Speciality Cheese

ALDI Cheese

ALDI have a great range of speciality and international cheeses at really great prices. Pick up some Wensleydale with cranberries, Gouda and Edam for less than £1.20 for a 200g block, expect to pay around £2 in other supermarkets.

8. Cereals

ALDI have their own range of cereals and cereal bars called Harvest Morn. You can get some Harvest Morn breakfast biscuits for 85p, these are usually sold for around £1.50 in leading supermarkets. This range also has a huge variety of popular cereals at bargain prices.

9. International Foods

There is a huge range of international foods available at ALDI and these are great for experimenting in the kitchen making international dishes. They are also great value, and you don’t pay the import costs that appear to be added in the supermarket international food aisle.

10. Fresh Meat Offers

ALDI MeatsALDI’s meat selection is vast and plentiful. You can find 500g packets of mince for £2.99, rivalling the high street supermarkets prices which sells their 500g packets of mince for approximately £4. Alongside that pick up huge rump steaks from £3, chicken breasts, pork, sausages, fish and more unusual meats like buffalo. They also have offers on certain meats each week so it is worth popping into your local ALDI to grab a bargain.



11. Weekly Special Buys

ALDI have a range of items that they put on a weekly special buy. Once these items are gone they really are gone so you need to get in quick if you want to grab a bargain. ALDI have previously featured Garmin cycle computers for £79.99 instead of the retail price of £109.99 and often have beauty and skincare items, electronics and kitchen accessories. Definitely worth queuing up for.

12. Reduced Items

If you’re a regular shopper at ALDI then you will know there is always a reduced section. This area is usually filled with a variety of products that have been reduced. Recently ALDI had some photo frames on offer; it is worth checking this section out.

13. Cycling Equipment

If you’re a keen cyclist or even just starting out don’t rule out ALDI for your equipment needs. ALDI sell a great range of cycling gear from baseALDI Cycling Socks layers for £9.99, lights for your bike for less than £5 and even cycling socks for £2.99. A great saving on high street cycling shops.

14. Biscuits

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then check out ALDI’s biscuit range. They stock everything you can think of from chocolate digestives to custard creams, and all for around 40p a packet. Be prepared to pay at least £1 a pack for the well known alternatives available in other supermarkets.

15. Confectionary

The range of sweets available is something Willy Wonka would be proud of. There is ALDI versions of your favourite chocolates for a fraction of the price. Seashell chocolates are often for sale for around £4, but buy some from ALDI for just £1.99 and we think they taste just as good!

And a bonus reason for shopping at ALDI is their price comparison.  ALDI commit to reduce their prices across a range of every day products that customers can still enjoy throughout the year. You could save over 35% on your shop by shopping at ALDI based on a comparison of ALDI products against premium brands in other supermarkets. Even more reasons to swap to ALDI.

What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigWe really hope you’ve enjoyed reading our top 15 reasons to shop at ALDI. Will you be giving ALDI a go?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below.

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