10 Fun Kids Activities That Won't Cost You a Penny!

Free activities can be fun!We all know how expensive kids' activities can be, but this doesn't mean we can't find amazing kids projects that are both enriching and free at the same time.  Among finding bargains for school clothes and family expenses, opting for free kids activities instead of buying the latest Xbox game also helps to drastically cut costs.  Furthermore, creating free kids activities can help improve communication between children and parents while encouraging more creative thinking and problem solving too.  So before you spend any more money this week, learn more about our favorite free projects that kids love!

Publish a Paper

Read all about it!  Running a printing press at home is so much fun.  It lets kids play a variety of roles from reporter to editor.  Nowadays, you can make a quick and easy newspaper template for kids on your computer.  Fortunately, you can access free and safe word processors and art software online if you don't have Microsoft Word or Photoshop already installed.

Have your kids work together with their friends to create headlines, local stories, classified ads, sports articles, and more sections for their newspaper.  You can create your own newspaper photos using your smartphone or have the kids cut out pictures from old magazines and newspapers.  Once the writing is done, work with them to create a layout they like and print out the finished masterpiece for everyone to enjoy!

Museum Adventures

There are so many wonderful museums that are free of charge to the public.  The National museums, Museum of Childhood, and the Football Museum are just a few of the popular kid-friendly museums around the country.  But not everyone has easy access to a quick museum trip.  Museums indeed inspire a passion for learning and you can absolutely recreate a similar experience at home. 

Making your own mini museum at home gives you a chance to stroll down memory lane.  Kids love old family belongings, so take this time to find some of your favourite old jewelry, decorative collectibles, sea shells and amateur fossils, family heirlooms, and more interesting stuff in your home.  Create little podiums for your items out of shoe boxes and make quick placards using thick note cards.  And don't forget those traditional museum ropes!  You can easily create those by twisting and tying red bedsheets to your kitchen chairs.

Create A Safari

Do your kids have more stuffed animals than you can count?  Luckily, these are quite useful for a free kids activity day.  Imaginative play is one of the best activities for kids because the ideas are simply endless.  This time around, encourage your kids to become creative explorers by creating a safari-themed world complete with their own plush elephants, hippos, lions, and more stuffed animals.  They can also create cool safari scenery with their leftover poster paint, crayons, drawing paper, and cardboard.

Spies & Detectives

Spy and detective play is a timeless game that kids love.  Kids are naturally inquisitive, so hiding out and collecting data around the house and outside is always exciting.  Instead of buying an expensive forensics science set, you can easily create a substantial spy and detective kit for your children using everyday household items.  These are a few common items you can use in your DIY detective kit:

  • Sunglasses
  • Flour for fingerprinting powder
  • Note pads and pens
  • Envelopes
  • Small plastic zip-lock bags
  • Old coats and hats
  • Magnifying glass

Simply pack up these items in an old brief case, or a large leftover manila envelope, to give your kids tons of play ideas.

A Night IN At The Movies

Today, a night out at the movies can cost a family of four £50 or more.  But this doesn't mean you can't have fun at the movies by staying in!  Take this time to rediscover the magic of movies, and find some of your favorite old films and cartoons your kids will enjoy.  If you have a subscription to an online movie streaming service, you can easily use that too to help transform your home into a fun and exciting movie theatre for your kids. 

This is a perfect time to use up those microwavable popcorn packets, cake mixes, and frozen lasagnas taking up space in your kitchen too.  And if you want to push your creativity a bit further, dig up all those art supplies and have your kids create their own plays based on their favorite children's stories.

Milk Container City

How often do your kids stop at a construction site to watch the building of a skyscraper or house?  Kids certainly love to learn how things work and make their own structures, and luckily you have everything you need to create a fun and unique building activity for kids right at home.

Lego and wooden blocks are always nice go-to activities, but why not think outside the box and finally use those leftover milk containers for a cool craft activity?  Simply cut the top parts of your milk containers off to create rectangular shapes perfect for making epic skyscrapers, schools, mansions, castles, towers and flats.  You can also use the milk carton scraps to make grass, windows, cool decorative elements, and even people.  The kids love the fact that they can then paint their creations once the buildings and accessories have been created.

Outdoor Science

There's an amazing world to discover right under your kids' magnifying glasses.  Going on outdoor nature walks and hikes is not only free, but both physically and educationally stimulating for kids.  Don't forget to pack along bottles water, homemade snacks, notebooks and pencils, small zip bags, and crayons for a fun all-day adventure.

Have your kids collect cool specimens, like leaves with fascinating patterns or tree bark, and create fun leaf-rubbing art activities with crayon and paper.  They can also make their own 'scientist notes' by labeling their findings and taping them inside of their notebooks.

Story Time

Taking a break from pricey kids activities is the perfect opportunity to focus on more reading-related hobbies.  Books open up a world of possibilities for children which naturally boosts creative thinking.  Start a themed monthly reading list based on things your kids like, such as sports, animals, favourite foods, clothes, places, and more.  At the end of the month, let your kids become authors themselves and have them create their own mini book based on that particular month's theme.

Quizzes, Coloring Books, & More

Coming up with creative ways to test your kids' knowledge is a fantastic free activity for road trips and long summer holidays.  There's a great deal of free educational resources online to create a variety of educational yet fun activities for kids, so definitely take advantage.  Find everything from mazes, geography games, world history facts, hidden object activities, to word puzzles without having to go to the store.

Free printables make it so easy to come up with fresh and creative activities for your kids.  Use your printables to make colorful flashcards for school, large posters for coloring projects, DIY coloring books and cute journal pages.

Money Activities For Kids

Good money management doesn't have to wait.  Now's the time to introduce important money concepts to your kids in a fun way.  Learning about money early on helps kids with their mathematics, problems solving, and most importantly, teaches the about the value of money. 

To help them understand basic money concepts and saving, turn your home or classroom into a real, working marketplace, complete with a restaurant, store, and bank.  This is where kids can take on different roles to learn how to manage their play money.  Pretend money and cheques can also be printed out in minutes or kids can make them from scratch as a craft project.  There are close to 100 great game ideas on the FamilyEducation website - so you haven't got many excuses as to why you can't at least give some a try!

With the help of a little creative brainstorming, the possibilities for fun yet free kids activities become even wider.  So it's time to cut out all those unnecessary and expensive purchases.  Try committing to a weekly free kids activity (and get your friends involved too!) to see how much you can really save.


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