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Bargain Shopping Month by Month – Our Guide

Monthly Bargains

Retailers operate on a need-demand basis, which means when the need is low, so are the prices. While this makes sense in theory, it can be a bit hard to adjust your shopping around this 'low demand' time, especially if you have no idea when it is. So if if you’re planning to make any big purchases in the near future, you might want to refer to this handy guide beforehand. Waiting a few weeks could save you hundreds of pounds.

Know Your Delivery Rights to get What you Deserve!

Parcel and moneyWe’ve all been there. You order something or schedule a service, and you’re told you need to wait at home. It could be for an entire day or just a few hours, but no matter how long you’re told to wait, it can still completely disrupts your day..

The only thing that can make it worse is if the delivery or service installation is late. Worse still, they don’t show up at all!  Don't be the victim, here is what you should do...

Toddlers - The REAL Essentials

Toddler SleepWe previously brought you an article on ‘Saving Money on Baby Essentials’ so we thought it would be helpful to follow on with essential items you will need if you’ve got a toddler. This may also come in handy if you want to buy your friends a really useful gift if they’ve got toddlers!

Cheaper Alternatives you Should Consider

Engagement RingWe often buy the things that we think we are supposed to - which leads to the tendency to overspend. If it’s a difficult or emotional situation then this tendency to overspend increases. We’ve brought you some tips on how you can save money if you are willing to at least consider the cheaper alternatives.

Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Toys

LegoIf you have children then I am sure you can relate to having a house full of toys, most of which don’t get played with very often. Here are a few suggestions to consider before you go and spend more of your hard-earnt money on the next batch of new toys.

How to Save BIG on Pet Supplies

CatDespite what you might think, having a pet doesn’t need to cost you the earth. Our tips will help your money go further while you are still able to provide the best care and life for your animal companion/s. You’ll save on pet supplies, care and other associated pet costs you may not have thought about..

How to Make Money at a Car Boot

Car BootMaking money at car boot sales can be tricky as everyone is there for one reason – to grab a bargain. After paying your entrance fee it can often be hardly worth the effort. We’ve brought you some helpful tips that will ensure you will definitely be coming home with a profit!

Halloween on a Budget

Halloween Party GamesHalloween is a time for pumpkins, sweets and Trick-or-Treaters. It’s a time where we are all tempted to spend money on all of the seasonal items available in stores but these purchases can all add up. Don’t let Halloween break your budget, read our top tips so you can save money this Halloween.

Buying Tips for eBay

Ebay  Buying TipsOver the past decade or so, it’s become more and more popular to be thrifty. There’s really nothing quite like getting a good bargain and it's why BB4BM is here!  We love eBay, but we are always suprised how many people don't know the tricks of the trade that help make sure you’re getting the best deal - so if you are not 'in the know', see our top tips!

Review - Muscle Food - Meat Delivered To Your Door?

Muscle Food - What was in the boxWe have heard a lot of people talking about muscle food and many have said that they have wanted to try them for a long time, but many seem to be a bit dubious. Some think its just for bodybuilders and others like to see their meat and check the quality of it before purchasing it.

So there was only one way to find out what this company and its so-called quality food product are like - so an order for a large variety pack was placed and here are our findings...


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