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Review - TheBookPeople - A Worthy Alternative to Amazon?

The Book People - Alternative to Amazon?There are so many children's books on the market now, and they're all so good - but which ones will you and your child want to read over and over?

Which books will capture your childs imagination and help them to learn simple lessons? 

And finally, where should you get them from?  Is Amazon always the answer - or should you consider  Here is our verdict...

Savings = Sex Appeal & Happiness?

SavingsResearch suggests that savings have a direct impact on an individual’s mood and can even be the 'secret to happiness'. Do you agree? We’ve brought you some reasons why we think Savings = Sex appeal and happiness and some tips thrown in on how you can stick to your budget...

Cheap Gardening Tips - The Ultimate Guide

Garden ToolGardening can be expensive when you take into account the cost of tools, plants and labour if you’re getting help - but it can all be done on a budget. Here are our top tips for trimming down that gardening bill and helping you save money.

How to get Freebies, but Avoid the Scams!

FreebiesEveryone loves a freebie but often there can be hidden terms and conditions and all sorts of scams on the internet these days - so we always recommend that you are careful. We’ve brought you some tips to ensure your ‘freebie’ doesn’t end up costing you and how you can actually get your hands on some reliable free products!

Review - Approved Food - Is Money To Be Saved?

Approved Food ProductsHow many of us will eat food in your cupboard that is past its best before date? You know its still perfectly fine to eat, especially when it comes down to crisps and bolognese sauce. But high Street stores will bin anything that is past its best before date.

Approved foods sell all of these kinds of products at a reduced price. We wanted to see their service for ourselves as we always want to save money on material products, so could we do the same with food?  Here is our verdict.

Police Auctions – Why and how?

Police Auction GoodsWant to know a little secret? You can buy stolen things, and no, not on the black market. You can get everything you’ve ever dreamed of buying, from jewelry to televisions, at a huge discount. And you can do it all from the safety of your own home, and with the complete endorsement of the police department.

Haggling the Right way - 18 tips

HaggleThe British are known for being pros at bargaining when they travel overseas. So, why does that fire seem to disappear as soon as we’re back home?

Did you know that it’s perfectly legal to bargain in big retail stores? It’s a right protected by law! And honestly, what is there to lose? Someone might say no, but as the ol' rhyme says, words can't hurt you... But there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re haggling - here are our tips.

Top 10 Cheap Veggie Meals

Vegetarian Lasagne

It is estimated that around 1.2million people are vegetarian in the UK and many more now just choosing to 'go green' with their meals. People are even trying ‘meat free Mondays’ to reduce the cost of their food shop. So we’ve brought you 10 of our favourite vegetarian meals which are great on a budget.


Baking Soda - Sent From the Gods to Save you Money!

Baking Soda BrushBaking soda or Sodium bicarbonate as it is more commonly known appears as a fine white powder and for years has been widely used for many different purposes. We’ve brought you the best ways that you can use this 'wonder powder' in every day life to save you money over buying expensive alternatives!

How to Save a Fortune With an Extra Freezer

Freezer Bulk CookingMaking the initial purchase of an extra freezer may seem like an un-needed expense at first, but in the long run this will almost definitely benefit your budget (trust us :)). We’ve brought you some great tips on how an extra freezer WILL save you money.


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