Money Saving Hacks We SHOULD Learn From Our Mums

Parent and Child - Mums passing on tips we should listen toLong gone are the days where you rolled your eyes at your Mum and shrugged while muttering ‘whatever’ under your breath because now you’re a parent. A parent who’s realised that your Mum was pretty much spot on all those years ago, much to your secret disappointment ;)

In fact, so spot on that I’m now going to tell you exactly how we should be copying our Mum’s tips, hacks and tricks of the parental trade to save ourselves plenty of pennies…

1. Fancy a Steak? Do It Mum’s Way…

Don’t buy the expensive £20 top notch rump… buy the economy frying steak instead! Just cook it slowly and add your own blend of seasoning with some delicious homemade chips and no one ever needs to know the price!


2. Darn Socks…

Well, I’m not actually telling you to darn socks, especially, as these days you can pick up a pack of 5 pairs for £1 in Primark! However, I am suggesting that we take a leaf out of Mum’s book and rather than throwing those leggings away because they have a hole in we fix them ourselves with a little needle and thread! We’re far too quick to throw things away now and really if we just put a little effort in we could make those things perfectly useable again… split shoes? No problem, super glue to the rescue! Bobbled jumper? Give it a quick shave with a razor!


3. Hand Me Downs!

For those of you with older brothers or sisters this probably fills you with dread as you remember days of wearing your older siblings sloppy seconds, however, it’s a great way to save money and now a days with the higher quality of clothing and super-duper washing machines and cleaning products no one would ever even notice that the top your youngest is wearing is 5 years old!


4. Trade Swap! Swap What You Say?

Well, I’m pretty sure we all have friends and neighbours who have talents that we don’t and vice versa so before you go and pay for a service why not offer a trade swap with an acquaintance? Remember your Mum sat there in the evening sewing up other people’s clothes or doing a pile of ironing that wasn’t yours? Yep, she was probably trade swapping!


5. Make Bath Times a Family Thing!

Sharing bath water may sound gross to some but how dirty are your kids really? Popping them all in the bath together saves a massive amount of water (and your money) and actually makes it more fun for the little monkeys as they can splash about together… Our Mums did it and we should too.


6. Make Friends… LOTS of Friends!

Sounds odd to be a money saving hack but have a think… remember Mum’s friend Jean’s brother’s wife’s Auntie’s sister who always made your birthday cakes? Well, she probably did that for a discounted price or even for free just because your Mum was a ‘friend’. Savvy old Mum, hey? It pays to have friends!


7. Sale Shopping!

Our Mum’s were actually a lot savvier than we thought… all that time we thought they were just trailing around sales in shops and hunting through endless rails of sale stuff to feed their shopping addiction, they were actually stocking up on Christmas and Birthday presents for the whole year ahead!! Well played Mum, well played.


8. Charity Shops

The ones you used to refuse to enter as a child or at least hide your face while walking into! Actually though, have you looked in any lately? You can get some pretty great stuff for some pretty great prices in there! Want a top tip? Head to the posh area’s around your town and hit the charity shops there… they are absolutely full to the brim of designer dresses and shoes and brand new kids clothes with the tags still on! You’ll even be able to pick up some toys still in their boxes and unread books too!


9. Walking…

Did you know walking can save you money? Well of course it can! If you walk instead of taking the bus or taxi you’re saving yourself pennies for your purse and if you walk instead of drive not only are you saving on petrol but you’re also keeping yourself healthy and getting a good work out while setting a good example to your little ones. It’s far too easy these days to just jump in the car to nip round the corner for a pint of milk when actually we all know the better option is to walk there… and hey kids love a walk, plus it tires them out… Hello, peaceful evening!


10. Recycle

No, I’m not talking about plastic bottles and toilet roll tubes (although it’s still good to recycle!) I’m talking about your belongings! See that pair of jeans you found in the back of your wardrobe that you’re about to throw out as that ‘cut’ isn’t in fashion anymore? Well, WAIT! Don’t throw it out just yet! You have 2 other options… First up, you could put them back in your wardrobe and save them as you can pretty much guarantee that that style WILL come back around at some point OR if you really are a hater of clutter you can ‘reclaim’ them and turn them in a funky pair of ‘this season’s’ cute mini shorts with just a few simple (and free) snips!

So next time you roll your eyes and your Mum’s annoying habits and old fashioned ways just remember that actually she does know best and although we hate to admit it might be a good idea to follow in her footsteps. *Sorry!*


What is the Verdict?

MoneySavingPigHave you got any 'top tips' from your Mum that you use to save cash?  Or do you think you will be putting some of the above into action?  We love feedback so please use the comment section below.

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