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Money Saving BlogThis section contains loads of money saving advice, tips and information that is being shared within our community.  You will also find un-biased reviews on some of the best and worst products and services that companies sell. We remain committed to our core values of being honest and trustworthy, so although some of the products and services may be provided to us by companies for free, we can promise that our team will provide an honest review.   New for 2016: We are interviewing key people in the parenting world to get their perspective on life, along with views on bargain hunting and saving money!

How to Encourage Your Child to Be Less Dependent on Material Possessions

GadgetsWe live in the digital age and it’s not uncommon to find children as young as 10 with smart phones and expensive tablets. The question is, how do we encourage our children to be less dependant on material possessions, and how do we compete with their friends who seem to have everything?

10 Classic Toys Designed to Last

Non-branded ProductsAre you forever spending money on the latest toys and games to have them break within a couple of months? Gone are the days where toys were passed down generations, these days toys simply aren’t manufactured to last and it is a shame. Not only are classic toys fun to play with but they were built to last.

Saving Money on Baby Essentials for New Mums

SavingMoneyOnBabyEssentialsAlthough it is never cheap to have children, you really don’t need to spend thousands in the first year…

We have put together what we consider to be the top 7 essentials that new mums need, along with some simple, straight to the point advice on what your options are when buying these and how you can save some money.  There really is only a handful of things that you really need to have in order to ease your child's life into this world (and ease yourself into the role of mummy or daddy!).


The Pros and Cons of Being a Mum...

Mums - Pros and ConsMums are a eclectic, colorful bunch - bringing to the table different careers, personalities, cultures, experiences, and creativity.  No two mums are alike, but they do share the similar joys of motherhood, as well as those occasional frustrations that come with being a parent.  From our children's first words to their first meltdown in the supermarket, being a mum will always come with its pros and cons. 

We have to accept the good with the not-so-great and to help embrace the importance of both in our lives, here are some of today's pros and cons of being a mum..

10 of the Best Places to Get Cheap Childrens Clothes

Great To Find Bargain Clothes!We know how crazy it can be to get all your kids looking semi-appropriate, loaded in the car, and off to a store to buy some clothes. We won’t even get started on trying to keep them under control while you try to find the right sizes and prices for each item of clothing. In a word, it’s ‘chaotic’.  So we wanted to list a few of the best places to find children’s clothes at bargain prices, so at least you won't have to worry that you are paying over the odds!

Review - The Monthly Beauty Box by

contents of beauty boxSo, I was asked to review my first ever ‘beauty box’ by Look Fantastic and to be honest I wasn't too sure what to expect from it, but all I can say is wow!

This month’s beauty box (March) is full of goodies and at £15 most would consider this a bargain due to the fact that it contains products worth over £70...

When the postman arrived with my parcel I was unexpectedly excited to see what my box would contain..

10 Fun Kids Activities That Won't Cost You a Penny!

Fun Activities That Are FreeWe all know how expensive kids' activities can be, but this doesn't mean we can't find amazing projects that are enriching, fun and free all at the same time.  Opting for free kids activities instead of buying the latest Xbox game also helps to drastically cut costs.  So before you spend any more money this week, learn more about our favorite free projects that kids just love!

Making a First Birthday Special - But on a Budget!

Baby Present Your little one may not remember all the special details of his/her 1st birthday, but you will! And so will your guests. Memories may fade, but the pictures will last a lifetime, so you will want to make this event extra special. On a budget? No worries. You can add personal, homemade detail that will make this 1st birthday party an event to remember. Here are the 10 easiest ways to make a 1st birthday special while sticking to your budget.

Our Guide to Saving Money by Making Money!

Save Money By Earning itHere at BB4BM our passion is to save you money, get you more for less and make sure you are getting the most for your money.  So we've been thinking about some quick wins to save you money, by earning you money.  We've even road tested some of them for you ourselves so we can give you our honest feedback of the pros and cons of each one. 

So if you like the idea of being rewarded for watching TV or shopping at some of your favourite stores, find out how...


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